XLAB Sonic Wing - White
XLAB Sonic Wing - White
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XLAB Sonic Wing - White


  • Lightest Alloy Carrier
  • Fastest
  • 30 Total Positions

What is the Sonic Wing?
Cervelo™ Specific Alloy Rear Hydration Carrier. You know those mysterious two holes in a Cervelo™ seatpost? Well, this Carrier will fit in there, a nice tight fit. Is compatible with the Cervelo™ P2Cs, P3Cs and P4Cs. Consider the CARBON SONIC made of Carbon Fiber for a lighter version.

When installed in the high position, air flows cleanly around the aero seat post. The narrow 5/8" SONIC WING chassis has an open back allowing air to exit. This can save 13 seconds per 40 kilometers when in the high position.

Lightest Alloy Available

  • Chassis: 60g /- 1g
  • Chassis w/ Straps: 69g /- 1g
  • Chassis w/ Hardware: 95g /- 1g
  • Chassis w/ Hardware & Straps: 104g /- 1g

Custom Fit
Has 30 different positions available, so that you can have a custom fit position that is both comfortable and aerodynamic. Can be inverted for a lower position on the saddle, or keep it upright for a low drag higher position. 3 different carrier angles and 5 different bottle angles for each position.

Because the carrier fits on the seat post we have not discovered any seats that you cannot use including the long Fizik™, SMP™, Selle Italia™, Selle San Marco™, Terry™ and others.

For ISM saddles with a transition hook when fitting to Cervelos™ the saddle works well if you use the Cervelo™ clamp in the front hole of the seat post. If you have the clamp in the rear hole, it is necessary to invert the XLAB carrier in order to miss the transition hook on the saddles. If you do not wish to invert the carrier to miss an ISM saddle, then select either the XLAB CARBON WING, SUPER WING, TURBO WING OR MINI WING KIT.

Other Information:

  • CNC Machined from US Aircraft Grade Structural Alloy
  • Anti-Sway Design: Compact, Dual Stabilizers, Energy Saving.
  • Easy Installation.

Optional Accessories:

  • Cage: GORILLA Cage
  • Bag: MEZZO BAG
  • Bag: MINI BAG
  • Inflation Holder: SONIC NUT
  • Inflator: SPEED CHUCK
  • Inflator: NANOFLATOR


  • 1 Pair X-Straps
  • 2 Anti-Drag Discs - Covers spare hole in seatpost for a more aerodynamic ride

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