TorHans Aero Mount
Rp. 400.000

TorHans Aero Mount


The Aero Mount™ is designed to hold your Aero 20™ or Aero 30™ securely in place on your Aero extensions. The Aero Mount™ can be mounted from on top of the aero extensions or from beneath with the wings folded upward. The wings are bi directional and can accommodate aero extension widths from 14cm down to 7cm. Mounting hardware included containing double sided tape to keep the mount from sliding, cable ties to keep the mount in place and secured, and for the front to keep the bottle locked in place. Velcro straps will be available in June for the front of the mount in lieu of the cable tie.

Mount comes in two versions, the standard and very aero forward swept wings and the reverse swept wings for shorter aero extensions or short ‘S’ bend extensions.


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