Speedsleev Elastic Pro Seatsleeve Small
Speedsleev Elastic Pro Seatsleeve Small
Speedsleev Elastic Pro Seatsleeve Small
Rp. 475.000

Speedsleev Elastic Pro Seatsleeve Small


The Seatsleev is a minimalist compression saddle pack that securely holds your daily ride essentials. The design looks simple, but it’s one of the most advanced retention systems on the market today. High, light and tight, the Speedsleev is everything you want in a saddle pack: it keeps your items organized, prevents rattle and chafing, and looks great mounted on your bike.

The pack comes in two sizes and holds as much as you can stuff in the elastic pocket sleeves. It easily stores a tube, CO2 cartridges, tire levers and a multi-tool. The small version is meant for roadies while the large version will carry an MTB tube and tools.

The Speedsleev is a cinch to install. The pack lays out flat so you can easily slide your ride essentials into the pocket sleeves. When you are ready to ride, the whole pack rolls together tightly and securely with Velcro. There is another set of straps that you wrap behind the saddle rails, and then around the SpeedSleev to secure it all in place. The ballistic nylon or full elastic external material layer compresses everything in place, even when you take items out.

A black rain cover is included with the small version.

Additional Information:

  • Material: Lightweight Ballistic nylon and elastic
  • No strap around seatpost = no chafing of shorts
  • High, tight and light design
  • The Small Speedsleev is designed to fit:
  • 1 tube
  • 1-2 16g CO2s
  • 1 air chuck inflator
  • 1-2 tire levers
  • Can accommodate contents of a patch kit
  • Valve extenders
  • Color: Black
  • Includes black rain cover
  • Weight: 50g

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