Tyrell PK1 Titanium Minivelo Frameset - SpinWarriors
Tyrell PK1 Titanium Minivelo Frameset - SpinWarriors
Tyrell PK1 Titanium Minivelo Frameset - SpinWarriors
Tyrell PK1 Titanium Minivelo Frameset - SpinWarriors
Tyrell PK1 Titanium Minivelo Frameset - SpinWarriors
Tyrell PK1 Titanium Minivelo Frameset - SpinWarriors
Rp. 45.000.000

Tyrell PK1 Titanium Minivelo Frameset


The first minivelo made using high-grade titanium alloy for high sports performance. Handmade in Japan. Include full carbon monocoque

PK1 is derived from the name of Philip Kindred Dick, who is a famous science fiction writer. He is renowned for the movie “Blade Runner”. This movie was the trigger of the birth of “Tyrell”.

Slant Design
PK1 is one of our flagship models that is attractive in shining titanium and beautifully crafted.
It brings performance with superior comfort beyond the comparison of any other minivelos. Made using high-grade titanium alloy which is used for the aerospace industry, it creates a bike with high rigidity and yet lightweight. The frame design has a common design code which is the “slant design” adopting the two narrow inclined pipes sandwiching the top tube. The silhouette of the impressive frame design not only lies in the design, but also on the unique minivelo framework that will contribute to increase the strength of the entire frame as well as the rigidity around the long head tube. High torsional rigidity due to this slant effect and low center of gravity because of the geometry, plus using the power of the titanium material will create an explosive performance feeling with a sense of stability. Beautiful proportions and overwhelming performance of the PK1 will give you a new dimension in riding a minivelo.

Tough & Beautiful Welding
All titanium tubes are smoothly and firmly welded by smooth welding method. Incorporating two Tig welding, the PK1 frame is completed through a labor-intensive process of polishing the welding bits.

High Precision & Excellent Design
To process the Titanium such as cutting and bending requires more skill than aluminium and iron. After machining the tube to the dimensions as drawn, accurate alignment check is done before the welding process. Thus to produce the PK1, it requires utmost precision.

Main features

  • Adopted double-butted tube made of high grade TITANIUM 3Al 2.5V
  • Frame design fully compatible with all drive trains
  • The Titanium frame is also an elegant shaped piece of art.
  • Ideal frame as it is lightweight and high rigidity
  • Beautiful hairline finish that further highlights the glow of the titanium
  • Full carbon monocoque fork that promises lightweight and comfort
  • Supports Di2 component with internal cabling
  • Low center of gravity and long wheel base for stable riding.
  • A wide range of specifications are available according to the style of ride, from handlebar type to drive trains

Titanium Parts
Titanium 3A1 2.5V seat post and seat clamp in polished finish are provided to give a more premium feeling.

Flexible & Stable
Due to the low center of gravity and long wheel base, the PKZ thoroughly eliminates that wobbly riding feeling that is common among small wheel bicycles. In addition when the design is made using Titanium, it further enhances the sense of stability and rigidity of the slant tubing when riding.

Titanium Yoke for Additional Comfort
At the tip of the S-vent shaped seat stay, we made a CNC machined Titanium yoke in a smooth flowing shape that connects to the top tube. This yoke attenuates vibrations from the rear wheels moderately and produces a soft tail effect and will create a high quality gentle ride feeling on the PKZ.

Light Weight Full Carbon Monocoque Fork
A lightweight full carbon monocoque fork which is excellent for vibration absorption is used for delivering a light and comfortable ride.

Main Specifications:

  • Frame: TITANIUM 3Al 2.5V double butted tube
  • Fork: Carbon monocoque 20
  • Seatpost: ø 31.6 mm compatible (not included)

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