Tyrell IVE Sports Folding Bike - Shadow Black
Tyrell IVE Sports Folding Bike - Shadow Black
Tyrell IVE Sports Folding Bike - Shadow Black
Rp. 23.000.000

Rp. 27.000.000

Tyrell IVE Sports Folding Bike - Shadow Black


Tyrell IVE is Japanese made folding bike.

The stylish and yet compact Tyrell IVE is the latest member of the Tyrell family. It comes with 18” wheels, a shimano gearbox with 9 gears and a ChroMoly steel frame. It weights 11 kg and foldes into a small packet in seconds, with perfect measures of 70 x 58 x 34 cm. The IVE is all about performance in a small size, handmade in Japan. It doesn’t matter, if you use it for commuting, a more sporty approach or longer bike rides, the IVE does its job in style. Ride it, love it!

Slim, simple & rugged
IVE was born under a new design philosophy by Tyrell. It ensures that the beautiful design is rigid and functional for folding bicycles. Using chromoly steel which is strong frame material, will ensure that we are able to craft an original slim body design yet maintaining the rigidity of the frame. This sturdy and smart design makes the appearance of the rider more beautiful and distinctive.

Original Design
IVE’s unique originality is the slender and simple frame and rear truss structure.

Intuitive Folding Mechanism
A major milestone in IVE is the development of a folding mechanism that is easy and convenient for everyone. A simple operation by just pushing the lever next to the handle to start folding.
An intuitively easy to understand operation technique is one of the key in IVE ‘s excellent design.

A Meaningful Beauty
IVE frame is made from chromoly tubes, not pressed frames or large diameter pipes because we need to make it look slender and strong with minimum material and space. The special designed hydroforming downtube and the curved part of the seat stay are not merely designed but has necessary functions. There is no excessive design in the IVE, and all shapes have their functions.

Like all Tyrell’s, the sporty riding performance remains intact. IVE is more fun, easy to handle and easy to fold.

Main features:

  • Chromoly Steel frame that promises subtle and comfortable ride
  • 4 Step Easy folding
  • Original design folding front fork
  • Slender and functional frame design 
  • One-touch parking lever. No kick stand required.
  • High-performance wheels with sealed bearing hub
  • Front and rear fender
  • Low center of gravity and long wheel base for stable riding

Safety is Top Priority
Extreme geometry affects handling and instability during riding, which is one of the minus points seen in many small wheel diameter folding bikes.
IVE was design from ground up to incorporate basic performance such as “ride comfort”, “folding mechanism” and “ease of use” from the design stage. Also by having the optimal wheelbase, low center of gravity body and handling efficiency, we ensure all riders will feel safe, stable and comfortable on the IVE.

Durability and Rigidity
In general, folding bicycles have many moving parts, designing and processing accuracy of those parts subject to loading is a very important point in making a safe body.
The moving part of the IVE has passed all durability tests of the EN standard, ensuring adequate rigidity. It is a proof of Tyrell ‘s high design technology.

Easy Parking
Just by pressing the lever (lock off lever) attached to the handle, the body will change itself to the parking position.

Special Elastomer
The rear frame is equipped with a suspension (elastomer) that alleviates shock from the rear wheel. You can enjoy comfortable riding even on uneven roads.

Rear Carrier
Optional rear carrier, exclusively designed to match the body of the IVE. Now you can roll the bike freely when folded as we have built in bearing in the mini wheels on the rack.
If you install the front bag carrier, the loading capacity will be greatly improved.
* Please note that the rear carrier with wheels is sold separately *

Special Wheel Bag
To accommodate various carrying/wheeling scenes, we have designed a bag that the bottom can be removed and exposed the *rack with wheels to enable rolling. The bag also comes with a shoulder strap for ease of carrying. A bag that can be use in various styles when transporting the bike.

High Performance Wheels
Lightweight and high performance wheels with sealed bearing hub.

Front Carrier Mounting
Equipped with a dowel hole in the head tube. If you install the Tyrell original TMS body or a third party adapter, you can install a front bag or basket.

TMS(Tyrell Mounting System)
All IVE are TMS ready. TMS is a mounting system develop exclusively by Tyrell for all its bikes. Bikes with TMS adapter will be able to mount TM and TT Bags, which are exclusive Tyrell designed bags.

The first model to be designed based on Tyrell’s next generation folding bike concept (E. S. P Design)
The major point in this development is to make the folding operation method as easy and as convenient as possible. A simple operation to start folding by just pushing the lever (lock off lever) beside the handle. and it can transform the IVE to a compact size folded bike for storage inside the car, train or even at the cafe in just 4 simple and easy steps.

Can be carried by car
Go out on the weekend’s day off, driving a little far away. On your favorite spot, ride your favorite bike... It’s easy to fold, so you can easily carry around with a car.

Can be carried by train
After folding it can be carried comfortably by storing it in a dedicated wheel bag. Furthermore, by installing the optional rear carrier and bearing casters, you can roll it in a folded state by detaching the bottom of the wheel bag (※), and demonstrate its power by moving in the station.
※ It may be prohibited by rules of railroad company. Be sure to follow the instructions of each railway company.

Can be stored indoors
A height of 71 cm, a length of 59 cm, and a width of 33 cm are realized. Completed car size of 1,058 mm long wheelbase is surprisingly housed in a compact size. It does not take up space in indoor storage, it not only brings significant benefits to security crime, it can also protect your car from dust and scratches.

Folding procedure
No tools needed, just 4 steps. Easy and simple to follow.


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