Tommasini Sintesi Bike with Campagnolo Centaur - Gold
Rp. 55.000.000

Rp. 58.000.000

Tommasini Sintesi Bike with Campagnolo Centaur - Gold


Groupset: Campagnolo Centaur 11 Speed
Wheelset: Campagnolo Calima

It gets always more popular the use of bicycle for travel or for long and articulated events like the Randonée.
The selected frame is the classic Sintesi, perfect for strength, stability and comfort, essential prerogatives for this kind of bicycle rides.

It is possible to work on the geometries of this bike depending by the specific use by stretching the chain-stay bases and the fork rake to add extra comfort.

The frame is equipped with all the specific bosses for mudguards and racks to enable the carriage of bags.

It is possible to assemble the bike with handlebar, stem and saddle kits in a racing style or with sport kits according to customer's needs.

Chrome plating is important not just for being elegant and nice to be seen, but especially because practical and resistant for the bike loads and for the kind of roads that they take, frequently uneven and bumped.

Sintesi frame Columbus Neuron tubing in Nivacrom steel. It is the classic frame build with new tubing material (standard diameter tubing).

Original microfusion personalized lugs and fork crown that when combined with chrome fork, head lugs and rear triangle represents the elegance associated with traditional italian hand built works of art.

While traditional in appearance it is light and responsive and a worthwhile extension into what is "new".

The 55 cm frame (chrome and painted) weight approx. 1.730 kg (3.81 lbs).


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