Spiuk Short Sleeved Team Jersey - Green - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Short Sleeved Team Jersey - Green - SpinWarriors
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Spiuk Short Sleeved Team Jersey - Green


The Team Biomechanic range incorporates advanced systems developed by Spiuk for optimal riding performance. The Team Biomechanic 2016 jersey has been improved in two areas: it increases the effectiveness of its Efficient Stance technology, enabling cyclists to correct their posture and thereby their performance. And it is made using Breeze® technology, a material that enables it to maintain a fresh feel under any circumstances, contributing to optimum thermoregulation. 


  • Made with Seamless technology on body. Minimum interior seams.
  • Very tight pattern, favours heat and sweat evacuation and thermoregulation. ¾ front zip improves fastening and the effectiveness of the technology panels.
  • Efficient Stance panel favours correct posture. Increases cyclists performance by increasing their lung capacity.
  • Abdominal Compression panel to prevent abdominal muscle slippage over the medium-long term.
  • Breeze® technology thread. Maintains a fresh feel under any condition and contributes to optimum thermoregulation. 

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