Spiuk Profit Revenant Helmet - White - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Profit Revenant Helmet - White - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Profit Revenant Helmet - White - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Profit Revenant Helmet - White - SpinWarriors
Rp. 2.900.000

Spiuk Profit Revenant Helmet - White


Settling is not something you do. Neither do we. Otherwise, we’d never have been able to develop a helmet like the PROFIT Revenant.

The PROFIT helmet remains on the podium for safety of the professional peloton, but we’re mavericks. The Revenant retains its extremely lightness, but we've added small improvements so you perform better and longer. With Arrow Head and the Boa© rear fastening system, you’ll benefit from a professional fit. The result: much more effective protection. And when you need to be faster, put on the Aero Closedshell to optimize your aerodynamics.


  • Highly versatile professional cycling helmet
  • Ideal for road or mountain racing
  • BOA® Fit System and Spiuk® Arrow Head side strap for a professional fit
  • Internal Airflow architecture for cooling and better aerodynamic performance
  • Includes a removable shell for aerodynamics and a removable visor for off-road


  • BOA® Fit System - The Boa® Fit System offers connected, fast, personalized and durable fit designed for performance. Boa's patented system is made up of three integral parts: micro-adjustable dial, an ultra-strong and lightweight lace and low friction lace guides backed by the BOA Guarantee.
  • Airflow Architecture - Internal helmet design comprised of channels connecting the front and rear vents. The large frontal vents enable large volumes of air to enter, while the internal channels enable effective air circulation. The air in contact with the head is constantly renewed, allowing excess heat to be transferred to the rear openings. The result: excellent cooling and superior aerodynamic performance compared to conventional internal structures.
  • Closeshell - Rigid, removable and closed shell. Improves aerodynamic performance, allowing more efficient use of cyclist's energy. In addition, it provides optimal protection against adverse weather conditions such as rain, cold and/or wind.
  • Arrow Head - The Arrow Head system allows the sliding side straps to be perfectly adjusted while guaranteeing excellent ergonomics. This innovative system improves the comfort and safety of cyclists.
  • CE - This product is EC certified, meeting the technical and quality criteria set out in the certification.

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