Spiuk Profit Helmet - Silver Matte/Black - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Profit Helmet - Silver Matte/Black - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Profit Helmet - Silver Matte/Black - SpinWarriors
Rp. 3.250.000

Spiuk Profit Helmet - Silver Matte/Black


The PROFIT helmet incorporates cutting edge technology and the latest advances to narrow the gap between an impossible challenge and an attainable result. Safety, Technology and Performance combine perfectly to produce a helmet aimed at high competition.

Its finishes and accessories ensure the PROFIT helmet is capable of satisfying the most stringent professional demands. The AIP system, which consists of inserts with small cylindrical elastic gaps at various points on the helmet and under the cushioning, enables the helmet to rotate slightly on the head and thereby dissipate the effects of impacts on the brain in the event of lateral or oblique knocks. The Boa© Fit System rear fastener ensures a perfect fit and the removable Aerodynamic Close Shell provides extra aerodynamic performance when required.

  • 4 shell In-Mold helmet. Internal structure with injected reinforcements. Internal nanotechnology inserts to improve impact absorption.
  • Armourgel® Impact Protection (AIP) technology, which improves helmet response to linear forces by 30% and rotational forces by 25%.
  • Excellent ventilation. 21 large openings connected by channels to favour internal air currents.
  • Fast and precise adjustment system: rear Boa® Fit System closure adjustable to 3 heights and adjustable Arrowhead lateral sliders.
  • The kit includes a removable Spiuk Aerodynamic Close Shell, a removable visor, and two sets of X-Tatic® pads with antibacterial properties (one with anti-insect netting).

The Boa® Fit System delivers a connected, fast, customized, and durable fit, purpose-built for performance. Boa’s patented system consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, a super-strong lightweight lace, and low friction lace guides and is backed by the Boa Guarantee.

X-STATIC® harnesses the power of silver to create a powerful technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabrics, eliminating human-based odor for the life of the garment.The permanent performance of X-STATIC® keeps apparel smelling fresher for longer, even after multiple wear cycles between washings. Products powered by X-STATIC® feature a 100% coverage area of silver on the fiber to maximize performance, but remain soft, flexible and comfortable when integrated into finished garments.

Impact protection system with Armourgel® technology. Armourgel® is a viscoelastic material which increases its impact absorption rate as the impact force increases. AIP employs an ultralight intermediate cushioning system, which is strategically distributed inside the helmet. Thus, it is capable of reducing rotary impact forces by 25 %, and linear g-forces by up to 30%.

Airflow Architecture
Internal helmet design comprised of channels that connect the front and rear openings. The large frontal openings enable large volumes of air to enter. Thanks to the continuity of its internal tunnels, effective air circulation is achieved. Whereby air in contact with the head is constantly renewed, thus transferring excess heat to the rear openings. This provides excellent cooling and superior aerodynamic performance compared to conventional internal structures.

Nano Technology
The use of Nanometric particles has enabled us to reinforce the PROFIT helmet’s internal EPS structure. And thereby absorb greater impact force with as little weight as possible.

Arrow Head
The Arrow Head system enables the lateral sliding straps to be adjusted perfectly and also guarantees excellent ergonomics. An innovative system that influences cyclist comfort and safety.

This product has earned EC certification, meeting the technical and quality criteria set out in the corresponding approval.


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