Spiuk Eleo Helmet - White/Silver - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Eleo Helmet - White/Silver - SpinWarriors
Rp. 1.600.000

Spiuk Eleo Helmet - White/Silver


Comfortable and safe, two criteria cyclists desire from their ideal helmet. Aesthetics and price are the next two. None of which are alien to the Eleo helmet.

With the Eleo you can progress slowly but surely. You’ve now dropped the L-plates and are looking for some extra comfort and safety compared to your old lid. As you put on the miles, you’ll soon appreciate its small details. For example, the excellent interior ventilation provided by the Airflow technology, priceless when you dial up the intensity or on warm days. A helmet you’ll be proud to recommend.


  • Cycling helmet with excellent ventilation
  • Ideal for moderate and high-intensity rides or high temperatures
  • Internal airflow architecture to improve cooling air flow
  • Spiuk® X1 rear fitting system and Spiuk® Arrow Head side strap for a high-precision fit
  • Removable visor and extra set of insect net


  • Airflow Architecture - Internal helmet design comprised of channels connecting the front and rear vents. The large frontal vents enable large volumes of air to enter, while the internal channels enable effective air circulation. The air in contact with the head is constantly renewed, allowing excess heat to be transferred to the rear openings. The result: excellent cooling and superior aerodynamic performance compared to conventional internal structures.
  • Arrow Head - The Arrow Head system allows the sliding side straps to be perfectly adjusted while guaranteeing excellent ergonomics. This innovative system improves the comfort and safety of cyclists.
  • CE - This product is EC certified, meeting the technical and quality criteria set out in the certification.

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