Spiuk Dharma Helmet - Black/White - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Dharma Helmet - Black/White - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Dharma Helmet - Black/White - SpinWarriors
Rp. 2.100.000

Spiuk Dharma Helmet - Black/White


The third generation of NEXION represents the evolution of a model whose previous versions met with wide acclaim from all kinds of cyclists.

The new model retains the primary feature of the helmets older versions – safety. The Nexion formula, however, includes other variables that result in an aerodynamic, comfortable, ventilated, lightweight and compact helmet that uses optimally arranged materials and state-of-the-art technology.

  • SUPERCAGE for extra front strength in polypropylene and ABS.
  • Polyamide inner layer.
  • CONE-HEAD technology. Dual-density EPS liner.
  • Excellent ventilation system. 20 large vents.
  • W-PRECISION X1 rear fitting system with three-position tilt angle adjustment at the back.
  • Highly safe ultralight straps.
  • Anti-insect mesh and pads that can be easily removed and replaced.

ConeHead Technology
Technology that enables the injection of dual-density foam into helmets. The high-density zone is in the outer part to absorb impact. The low-density zone, softer for low impact areas closer to the head to reduce the effect of peak deceleration caused by impacts.

Stiff, removable and closed shell. Improves aerodynamic performance, enabling the energy generated by the cyclist to be more efficiently used. It also provides effective protection against adverse weather conditions such as rain, cold and/or wind.

This product has earned EC certification, meeting the technical and quality criteria set out in the corresponding approval.

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