Spiuk Altube Carbon Road Shoes - Yellow Fluor Matte - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Altube Carbon Road Shoes - Yellow Fluor Matte - SpinWarriors
Spiuk Altube Carbon Road Shoes - Yellow Fluor Matte - SpinWarriors
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Spiuk Altube Carbon Road Shoes - Yellow Fluo


The Altube shoes are competitive and dynamic. Based on quality and attention to detail, they are designed to deliver safety and style. The Boa® ,Fit system ensures accurate and easy fit, thus delivering optimal performance with every pedal stroke. Highly versatile, these shoes come in four purpose-specific versions: Pro/Competition, Pro/XC, Road and MTB.

The RC shoes, designed for road racing, are ideal for expert riders in search of top performance. Their RLX1® sole in carbon fibre maximises power transfer to the pedals, thus optimising performance.

  • Extremely lightweight upper, strong and easy to keep clean.
  • Drilling Shell System: moisture management technology through vents.
  • The Boa® ,Fit system for close fit. Power Transfer Strap in front for accurate, easy fit.
  • RLX1® carbon fibre sole. Air intake for direct sole ventilation.
  • Two pairs of insoles for various types of weather.

The Boa® Fit System delivers a connected, fast, customized, and durable fit, purpose-built for performance. Boa’s patented system consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, a super-strong lightweight lace, and low friction lace guides and is backed by the Boa Guarantee.

Drilling Shell System
Multi-perforation design that favours ventilation. Its strategic distribution enables internal air fluids to be generated, which favour more effective heat evacuation. Enhances usage comfort and prevents problems derived from excessive heat.

The properties of carbon fibre matrix outsoles make them the high-end option. Their excellent stiffness enables the production of low profile geometries, yielding maximum pedalling efficiency and minimum weight.

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