Souma Brompton Pre-2017 Leather Handlebar Bag - Whiskey
Rp. 1.000.000

Rp. 1.200.000

Souma Brompton Pre-2017 Leather Handlebar Bag - Whiskey

Brompton Handlebar bag is a great way to make your Brompton ride even more comfortable by allowing you to put your everyday essentials (phone, wallet, keys etc.) to this bag. Designed for 2016 and older Brompton raised handlebars.

Your Brompton can easily be folded with the bag still attached to it! Heavy duty snap closure makes sure that your belongings remain safe even when you are folding the bike with loaded handlebar bag. It is securely attached to the unused space in a middle of U shaped Brompton handlebars with 4 high quality heavy duty snaps.


  • Fits everyday essential items such as: keys, phone, wallet
  • Perfectly fills in unused space on Brompton raised handlebars
  • Full grain waterproof leather provides unique unusual look and feel
  • Develops beautiful patina over time of usage
  • Securely attached by 4 strong leather straps with heavy duty snaps
  • The pocket closure is secured with quality heavy duty fastener
  • Handmade in Czech Republic

The leather used for our bags is a full grain cowhide leather, which provides durability and structure. There are minimum parts and thick marine grade thread used to make our Brompton bags. We do that to achieve beautiful and simple but very functional design and lifetime durability! 

Distressing is generally created by “drum dying” the hides a uniform color, and then applying a wax finish that will amplify the drum color and lighten at points as it wears with folding, stretching, or general use, changing its appearance over time.