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SLF Motion Hyper Pulley Wheels 12T - Green

SLF Motion

Want to upgrade your SRAM 12-Tooth Narrow/Wide stock plastic wheels or Shimano RX800 (clutch) 11-Tooth stock plastic wheels? You have landed on the correct page - welcome to our new T12NW Hyper Pulley Wheels - a stock 12-Tooth Narrow/Wide pulley wheel replacement.

All of our T12NW Hyper Pulley Wheels are designed "in-house" using the latest in 3D Design Software to assure the best products possible. From there, we individually CNC each wheel (both Aluminum and Titanium versions) using modern 4 & 5 axis milling centers.  All Hyper Pulley Wheels use the same hybrid ceramic bearings which feature "coated" races (at no extra cost to you), Si3N4 balls, nylon retainers, and specially designed seals for this application.  Lastly, our Aluminum wheels are "brite" anodized to ensure your Hyper Pulley Wheels standout from the crowd and our Titanium wheels are hardened even further by the use of an Industrial coating that gets applied (creating the Gold and Gunmetal Gray finishes).

Our T12NW Hyper Pulley Wheels are designed to fit SRAM 11-speed MTB/CX rear derailleur such as XX1, X01, X1, GX, NX, Force1, Rival1, & Apex1. These will also fit the new Shimano RX800 (clutch'd) rear derailleurs, a substantial upgrade over the stock plastic 11-Tooth wheels. 

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