Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer - SpinWarriors
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Sigma Pure GPS Cycling Computer


  • Pure riding pleasure with GPS. The PURE GPS is your entry into the world of GPS-based bike computers! Here, the simplest operation meets the latest technology. In addition to the most important bike functions, the large display also shows the altitude functions, including the graphical altitude profile, in a clearly legible manner. A simple compass navigation always shows the direction to the starting point or a point selected by you.
  • Thanks to GPS, you can then evaluate the completed distance in the DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app and, if desired, share it with your community. Your PURE GPS is mounted quickly and does not need any additional sensors on the wheel. "Plug and Ride" is the motto. Because, you want to overcome obstacles on the track and not on the bike computer!
  • Mount and Ride. The PURE GPS is your comprehensive, worry-free computer. With the quick and easy installation, you can take it out of the box and start riding immediately. Install the handlebar/stem mount, attach and turn on the PURE GPS, press start, now ride!
  • Individual buttons for bike functions and altitude functions allow for quick access to your data during the ride. 12-month statistics and total values can be accessed after the ride with the menu button.
  • GPS. No more wireless transmitters! All speed and distance information is based on GPS signals. And since the PURE GPS logs all functions every 5 seconds, you can extensively evaluate your ride and your route in the DATA CENTER.
  • The A-GPS auxiliary data allows for faster position determination and can be updated with the SIGMA LINK app, so you can get on your bike and ride immediately!
  • Altitude measurement. The PURE GPS uses an air pressure sensor to provide accurate altitude information, including gradient! Starting altitude can be determined based on GPS, or you can select one of your preset home altitudes.
  • Smart Connectivity. Connectivity is an important attribute of the PURE GPS. After your ride, connect the bike computer to the DATA CENTER on your PC, MAC, or tablet using a micro USB cable. Or transfer your trip data to an Android smart phone using the SIGMA LINK app and NFC. (please note: NFC must be activated on the smart phone. iPhone does not support the NFC connection.) You can also use the DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app to make changes to your PURE GPS settings.
  • Compass Navigation. With the directional compass arrow, the PURE GPS will always show you the shortest route (air line) back to the starting point of your trip. Even if you get turned around by switch backs or winding single track, the PURE GPS will point you back in the right direction.
  • This new feature will always show you the shortest route to your destination with a directional arrow and an air line distance. Even in an unknown environment, you never lose your bearings.
  • You can enter the destination point in the SIGMA LINK app or the DATA CENTER and transfer it to the PURE GPS. Once you have reached your destination, the back-to-start function will automatically navigate you to your starting point.
  • Temperature. Would you be putting on the jacket before departure? The PURE GPS informs you at any time about the current temperature and stores it, of course, for subsequent evaluation.
  • 13 Bike functions. The PURE GPS shows you the most important data during the ride such as distance, travel time, average speed, maximum speed, time, temperature and calories consumed. You can see the overall values (distance, travel time) from the menu.
  • Altitude functions. The most important altitude functions can be found inside the PURE GPS. The air pressure sensor measures current altitude, current gradient, altitude uphill, and the maximum reached altitude of each trip. 
  • Alti Dashboard. Altitude information is available with a click of a button. The Alti-Dashboard displays all current altitude values, including an altitude profile graph.
  • Gradient. Gradient might possibly be the most important altitude feature you can have. Now you can immediately see if the mountain is really as steep as it feels.
  • Activities. All of your saved trips can be found under Activities. For each trip, you can see your total distance, travel time, average speed, maximum speed, altitude uphill, maximum altitude, and calorie consumption. The activities menu give you the perfect overview of each workout.
  • Total Values. Your total distance, total travel time, total altitude uphill, and total calories consumed can be found in the Totals menu. These accumulated values can be reset to zero, without deleting your rides from memory. 
  • Training Statistics. The PURE GPS also shows, in addition to the total values, statistics for the last twelve months. This workout diary allows you to compare your monthly activities. 
  • Backlight. Ideal readability even in poor light conditions. Pressing the Bike and Alti buttons simultaneously activates the smart backlight. A small light bulb icon indicates that the backlight is active. When active, the display will illuminate each time you press a button.
  • Training Memory. The PURE GPS has a built-in memory for over 110 hours of travel time and automatically stores each trip with the trip data reset. This ensures that no data is lost. You can decide later whether you want to transfer the data to the DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app or not. 
  • Auto pause. If the recording of your trip is interrupted involuntarily, e.g. if the GPS signal is interrupted, the PURE GPS can supplement the missing data. In the "Auto Pause" menu item, you can set whether your data recording should continue during the pause. If the position of the start and end of the pause does not match, the distance between them is recalculated.
  • My Name feature. Customize your PURE GPS. You can personalize your computer with a name of up to 9 characters, which will replace the default product name in the display. 
  • Using the DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app, you can also select from a variety of different sleep screens. These graphical displays will appear on the display when the PURE GPS is in sleep mode. 
  • Barometric altitude measurement. The PURE GPS has an integrated air pressure sensor, which is unique in the category of affordable GPS entry-level devices. The bike computer thereby provides accurate altitude information, which allows you to ascertain the gradient. The home altitude at the beginning of the trip can be easily determined by GPS or you can select one of the preset home altitudes (for example at home or in front of the office).
  • Large log capacity. Memory full? Not with the PURE GPS. Each trip is recorded with a memory interval of 5 seconds and stored automatically when resetting the trip data. The log memory allows up to 110 hours of data recording. This is more than 5 months with an hour of riding time per day or more than 6 days of non-stop travel.
  • Simple data handling. Data transmission is fast and convenient. With the SIGMA LINK app and an NFC-compatible Android smartphone, settings and trip data can be transmitted wirelessly and read out in the app. Alternatively, you can connect the bike computer directly to your terminal device with a micro-USB cable. Use the DATA CENTER for an even more detailed view and analysis of the completed tracks.
  • Long battery life. The PURE GPS is optimised for efficiency and allows for a long battery life of up to 15 hours, despite its compact dimensions. It reliably accompanies you even on extended day trips. If the persistent battery runs out eventually, it can be fully recharged within 2.5 hours using the supplied micro USB cable.
  • Large display. Optimal readability: With a dimension of 32 mm x 45 mm, the display of the PURE GPS is one of the largest among the SIGMA bike computers. Thanks to the generous display, you can see your data immediately even during fast descents, or technically demanding trails, just by a quick glance at the PURE GPS.
  • 3 Button Concept. Operation via three buttons is intuitive and user-friendly. There is a button each for the Bike and Altitude functions as well as a third button in the middle as an On/Off, Start/Stop or Menu button.
  • Flat Housing. Thanks to advanced electronic components, the PURE GPS has been designed to be flat and compact. In combination with the new GPS bracket, the product works harmoniously on the handlebar or stem.
  • GPS Bracket. SIGMA’s GPS bracket can be mounted on a handlebar or stem. It is stable, durable, and will keep your bike computer firmly in place even in rough terrain.
  • Watertight. The PURE GPS is protected according to IPX7 standard against splashing water and temporary submersion.

In the box:

  • GPS Bracket (2 pieces)
  • Micro-USB cable

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