Sigma MySpeedy - Aloha - SpinWarriors
Sigma MySpeedy - Aloha - SpinWarriors
Sigma MySpeedy - Aloha - SpinWarriors
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Sigma MySpeedy - Aloha


  • A cool speedometer for any type of bike. MySpeedy expands the bike computer market to include a diverse range of smart, bright, customizable, and cool speedometers. It marks the end of standardized design in the world of bike computers! The new models have a unique style, brightly colored brackets, and wireless transmission. This makes the MySpeedy the trendiest designed object on any handlebar.
  • So versatile, so bright, so you! Your style is very personal – as is your MySpeedy.Attach one of these trendy speedometers to your bike and show everyone who you really are. Snatch up your favorite design and express your individuality more than ever when out and about on your bike.
  • Speedometer. The speedometer is characterized by large, easy to read digits and a circumferential speed scale. The speed scale is visible at all times and gives you a sense of how fast you are going when in other screens. The scale peaks at 60 km/h (mph). If you are riding faster than this, the MySpeedy displays the skull and crossbones icon to show that your speed is dangerous. The digits in the round display show you your speed up to 99 km/h (mph).
  • No words. Intuitive icons and carefully designed symbols eliminate the need for text or additional words. Easily navigating through the functions and even setting wheel sizes and more could not be more direct.
  • Individuality and diversity. The end of standardized design in the world of bike computers is here. MySpeedy from SIGMA SPORT expands the bike computer market to include a diverse range of smart, bright, customizable, and cool odometers.
  • Nine different model designs, eleven silicon rings for the computer heads, the practical handlebar bracket with twist adjustment, and the wireless transmission make MySpeedy the trendiest style object on any bike handlebars.
  • Display. The large, round computer display is extremely easy to read. MySpeedy ‘welcomes’ users when waking up from standby mode before a ride by displaying a customized ‘face’, which can be selected from one of ten different motifs.
  • During the ride, one function value is displayed at all times. The display can be changed by pressing the Mode button. A circumferential speed index permanently provides information about the current speed, even if the display changes during a ride and the trip time or distance is displayed.
  • Simplicity at its best: With just one single operating button, MySpeedy is extremely easy to use. This is positioned on the edge of the computer and is highly responsive, so it can even be pressed with the thumb. The tacho, clock, and road icons clearly indicate the current display mode. The device settings are configured once using the Set button on the back. The navigation items on the left edge of the Set menu provide guidance and flash to indicate the current setting area.
  • Plug'n BIKE. MySpeedy fits on any handlebars and can be attached extremely quickly. The silicon straps that secure the bracket are fastened to the handlebars in seconds. The computer head is then twisted into the bracket. The speed sensor can also be attached to the bike in a matter of seconds. The magnet is then attached and the user is ready to go.
  • Instant removal. Rushing to get to the cinema or to meet a friend for coffee? The computer is released from the bracket with a single twist to thwart potential thieves.
  • Simple attachment. The handlebar bracket is attached using silicon straps and the computer head is simply twisted on. The speed sensor is attached to the front fork in seconds using the strap provided and the magnet is then aligned on the spokes.
  • 1-button operation with easy-to-feel pressure point. With only one button, the MySpeedy is easy and convenient to use. The button is practically positioned on the lower edge of the computer. The pleasant, easy-to-feel pressure point makes it possible to quickly navigate through the menu. The material is designed to enable the simple use of the computer even when wearing gloves.
  • Case design protects the display against scratches. The computer has intentionally been designed to be robust. The embedded display is outstandingly and effectively protected against scratches by the clearly protruding edge.
  • Faces – display animations. With a MySpeedy, users can decide which face greets them at the start of each ride. On activation, i.e. when MySpeedy is turned on or you set off from sleep mode, the bike computer displays the chosen face. Select from eleven different faces in the setting menu. On stopping riding, the personal, animated ‘face’ is displayed for five minutes, then for a further five minutes without animation. If the bike remains stationary for ten minutes, the display switches off.
  • Motion sensor. MySpeedy is equipped with a motion sensor. This automatically activates the bike computer when it is moved and also puts it into sleep mode if no motion is detected for ten minutes. The motion sensor saves energy so that the MySpeedy has a battery life of up to four years, but it also automatically records ride data without you having to press start or stop.
  • Wheel size table. The MySpeedy is extremely easy to configure. To precisely measure speed and distance, you must specify your bike's wheel size. A list of twelve common wheel sizes ranging from 12 to 29 inches is stored in the settings menu. Simpy choose the one that matches your bike. Of course, you can also set the wheel size by measuring the circumference of your tire in mm.
  • Speedometer. The MySpeedy speed indicator in the center of the large, round display is easy to read. The full speed without decimal places is displayed up to 99 km/h, or mph. A circumferential speed index also indicates the current speed and can be seen in all function views. The full scale tops out at 60 km/h or mph.
  • Ride distance. How far? Distance is accurately measured and displayed to the nearest hundredth of a km/mile. (99.99km/mi)
  • Total distance can only be seen when you are not riding, and is counted in full km/ miles up to 9,999.
  • Ride time. How long? MySpeedy counts pure ride time triggered by the auto start /stop function. Take as many breaks as you want, ride time is all about the ride!
  • Intuitive menu navigation for simple settings. The device settings are configured once using the Set button on the back. In the settings menu navigation items on the left provide guidance and flash to show the current setting area.
  • ATS, speed, and wireless transmission. MySpeedy records the speed using the analog transmission system (ATS) transmitter, which wirelessly transmits the data to the computer.
  • The analog symbol is transmitted in encrypted format to eliminate cross talk, and has a transmission range of up to 70 centimeters. Attachment via cable ties, an O-ring or a strap is simple. The transmitter itself features a highly flexible rubber base, which fits on any fork.
  • Shipping Mode. To conserve the battery, the MySpeedy comes in shipping mode. The display is off and does not respond to movement or the button being pressed. The device must be woken from shipping mode before its initial use. To do this, press and hold the Set button on the back for about five seconds. The settings menu will then appear.
  • Transport Mode. If the sensor has detected motion five times but not recorded a wheel rotation, the computer switches into transport mode. This status is easily identifiable by the animated car that appears on the display. Once in transport mode, the MySpeedy must be switched back to active mode by pressing the Mode button.
  • Long battery life. The MySpeedy’s battery life is over four years with average usage of one hour a day. The head and transmitter come with a conventional standard CR2032 battery.
  • Watertight. After all, it goes without saying that, like all other SIGMA bike computers, the MySpeedy is waterproof.
In the box:
  • Magnet kit
  • ATS speed transmitter

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