Rotor 3D+ Road Crankset - 52/36/170mm/BCD110
Rotor 3D+ Road Crankset - 52/36/170mm/BCD110
Rotor 3D+ Road Crankset - 52/36/170mm/BCD110
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Rotor 3D+ Road Crankset - 52/36/170mm/BCD110


Lighter and stiffer than ultra high end carbon cranks
As the lightest crank in the road line, the NEW 3D+ takes advantage of a new 7055 alloy and an entirely redesigned structure based on TDS technology to reduce weight while maintaining rigidity. The 30mm axle with UBB30 technology makes 3D+ compatible with almost all bikes, whether they are designed for 30mm axles or not.

Manufacturing intelligence
The 3D+ uses a refined and lighter version of the trinity drilling system hollow construction, leaving behind a structure similar to a box-girder bridge. This allows the crank to resist rotational and bending forces better than a simple hollow tube construction can.

TOUGH AND LIGHT - 100% aluminium
The 100% aluminium construction of the 3D+ forgoes the use of trendy materials and stays true to its goal of delivering unrivalled performance at its weight level. By doing so it offers aluminium stiffness at a lower weight than most high end carbon cranks! With the use of our Trinity Drilling System to hollow out the crank arms and the application of our super stiff and ultra-compatible UBB30 axle, it offers a new level of performance for quality bike builds of any brand, era and type.

ROTOR's bombproof trinity drilled crank arms resist bending and twisting forces better than classic hollow tube crank designs can. ROTOR’s crank arms are stiffer than the competitions forged products due to our Trinity Drilling System. As shown in the illustration below the machined out portion can be seen in red. This process drills three full-depth holes from axle to pedal, leaving behind a boxtrellised structure (similar to box bridges). This gives our crank arms superior rigidity and an exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio.

UNIVERSAL BOTTOM BRACKETS - It works with everything!
The UBB (Universal Bottom Brackets) system is not a standard; It’s all standards. It allows installation of almost any 30 or 24mm axle crank from ROTOR on the bike you have, regardless of its BB type. ROTOR’s “UBB” super-standard encompasses all BB standards.

Solutions. That’s probably the best word to describe ROTOR’s design philosophy. We identify performance problems and set out to solve them, resulting in improved & optimized products.

Micro Adjust Spider - More positions to suit every rider´s needs
The new Micro Adjust Spider (MAS), offers more positions to suit every rider’s needs. Our new advanced MAS spider has an alternative bolt hole placement allowing for intermediate positions between existing OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) of the Q-Ring. A standard crank in combination with the OCP of the Q-Rings, allows approximately 5 degrees of adjustment.

The MAS spider when used with Q-Rings offers half positions giving approximately 2,5 degrees. This means that you can micro adjust the position of your Q rings, to suit your riding style.


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