Rema WRP012 Woman Pocket Shorts - SpinWarriors
Rema WRP012 Woman Pocket Shorts - SpinWarriors
Rema WRP012 Woman Pocket Shorts - SpinWarriors
Rema WRP012 Woman Pocket Shorts - SpinWarriors
Rema WRP012 Woman Pocket Shorts - SpinWarriors
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Rema WRP012 Woman Pocket Shorts


Rema Pocket 2.0 Patented Integrated Waist Pocket Design

Patented integrated waist pocket design with generous load that allows the storage of large-sized mobile phones. Stabilized support means no shaking while running, with rain-proof and water-repellent outer fabric shell with laser-punched ventilation pores for optimal breathability. Designed for multi-tasking and functional benefits, so that you can fully focus on your sport.

Innovative leading designs
Our lineup of running tights with integrated waist pockets for storage of mobile phones demonstrates our innovative capabilities. This fusion of waist bags with a waist belt allows for carrying a mobile phone up to 6.5-inches in size, while the inner layer of the waterproof film effectively prevents sweat and moisture permeability. The side zipper pockets can hold valuables such as keys and spare change.

Notice: It is recommended to remove phones from oversized mobile phone protective cases before placing phone in the waist bag.

Optimized for all weather conditions
The water-repellent function of the outer fabric can repel rainwater during winter training and rapidly accelerate drying speed during summer training. Designed to optimize drying performance in all weather conditions.

The 2-in-1 compression trousers were made with the newly developed straight-row high-low difference warp-knitted elastic fabrics, which strengthens and stabilizes the leg muscles and improves perspiration performance. With a soft and smooth texture, this is definitely a standout product with unparalleled comfort available on the market today.

Become the center of attention, day and night
Reflective side stripe trouser design can show different brightness and effects during the day and night, and even show different colors from different angles, creating an amazing combination between the most dazzling brightness and the most charming color, no matter where you are and in any light environment. Dazzle everyone and become the center of attention.


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