RedWhite The BIB Women Bibshort - SpinWarriors
RedWhite The BIB Women Bibshort - SpinWarriors
RedWhite The BIB Women Bibshort - SpinWarriors
RedWhite The BIB Women Bibshort - SpinWarriors
RedWhite The BIB Women Bibshort - SpinWarriors
RedWhite The BIB Women Bibshort - SpinWarriors
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RedWhite The BIB Women Bibshort


The BIB (Women) is a long-distance women cycling bibshort designed exclusively for the female endurance cyclist. It’s identical in every way to The BIB bibshort and has been customised for the female form.
This cycling bibshort features a long-distance chamois that has an identical architecture to the chamois in the popular The BIB Bibshort. The BIB (Women) also utilises the same great M.I.T.I fabrics & construction as all our men’s cycling bibshorts. RedWhite Apparel has painstakingly taken these great features & technology from our men’s cycling bibshorts and put them into an exclusive custom form-factor for women.


  • Italian luxury Lycra from M.I.T.I.
  • Lightweight Italian mesh fabric.
  • Silicone Microdot Gripper.
  • Long distance thermic-moulded Italian chamois.
  • Reflective tabs on rear of each leg. 

The Chamois
The BIB (Women) features a brand new female-specific chamois that’s manufactured specifically for RedWhite Apparel.
This chamois utilises the same architecture & materials as the chamois used in our flagship bibshort – The BIB. Just like The BIB’s chamois, the women’s version is made up of 3 layers of foam and finished off with an anti-bacterial fabric layer.
What differs is the anatomical design of the chamois. For the women’s version, the chamois is shaped with the female anatomy in mind. We’ve minimised contouring on the surface of the chamois (that contacts the rider) to eliminate chafing & hotspots. We’ve also widened the sit-bone support pads and narrowed the perineum support area specifically for women.
The result is a chamois that’s as comfortable & plush as the men’s version, but in a custom form-factor for women.

Key Highlights :

  • Italian Open-Cell Foam for increased breathability.
  • 3-layer multiple density foam architecture.
  • Anti-bacterial outer fabrics, developed in Italy.
  • Widened sit-bone support.
  • Minimal contact-surface contouring for increased comfort over long-distances.
  • Moulded using a proprietary process called Thermic-Moulding. This produces a chamois that retains it shape, stays plush and doesn’t “flatten out” on long rides.
  • Doesn’t “delaminate” and break apart after years of use.
  • Made in Romania.

Silicone Microdot Grippers
One of the biggest complains we’ve had with any bibshort is the dreaded “sausage-leg”. We solved this by using a special over-sized gripper. It’s essentially a piece of textured lycra impregnated with hundred of silicone dots, each measuring less than a milimeter. We then generously oversized the gripper.
This allowed us to reduce the excessive compression often required to keep traditional grippers in place and create a bibshort that grips your thighs evenly, without squeezing them.
The Silicone Microdot Gripper uses the theory of surface area. By using microdots across a wide gripper, you achieve 2 fantastic results:

  • Increased surface area between the dots that allow the skin to breathe
  • Increased gripping surface area through the dispersed dots that ensure a “gecko” like grip on the skin. Works well with hairy legs, even better with shaved legs.

When paired with the main lycra body, you get an even compression all round. Something that makes you forget you are even wearing a bibshort. Truly a gripper for the 21st century.

Luxury Lycra & Mesh Fabrics
RedWhite Bibs use Italian fabrics from MITI. Again, this is carefully selected. Many prototypes with various combinations of fabrics were experimented with before finding the perfect one. The fabric on The Bibs is a 220gsm matt black fabric with 20% Lycra POWER (an elastic fibre with compressive qualities) and 80% nylon.

There is a reason for this choice.

The RedWhite bibshort achieved a natural next-to-skin feel, with soft, supple and highly breathable lycra, which also provided superior anti-abrasion properties as opposed to polyester based lycra.

We are often asked why we chose the color black for our Bibs. Why don’t we have beautiful graphics on our Bibs? This too is a conscious decision.

Graphics are printed onto stretch fabrics commonly used in cycling bibshorts using a process called sublimation printing. The ink based graphics are printed onto a paper, from which they are heat pressed onto the fabric to allow the colors to adhere to the individual fibres within the fabric. This process is only possible with polyester based fabric. Nylon fabrics simply deteriorate when subjected to heat from the sublimation printing process.

The top mesh is also one of the finest from MITI. It is incredibly stretchy, lightweight and soft. These 3 properties increases the body area covered by the bib-straps, without causing overheating during warm days. The increased coverage by the mesh results in the bibshorts feeling almost like a 1-piece suit, rather than a pair of shorts held up by straps.

The Fit
The best fabrics and chamois count for nothing without an equal obsession and focus on fit.
A long distance bib has specific requirements; the right amount of compression without being constrictive, a close to body fit as possible to prevent fabric movement and a nice stretchy oversized top mesh to prevent any pressure points.
The BIB (Women) features a high-cut front panel that feels secure while expanding easily to allow heavy breathing during hard efforts.
We’ve also retained a “pro-length” inseam. This means, this bibshort covers your thighs as much as a traditional pro-cut bibshort, rather than cutting short (common with many modern female-specific bibshorts). The purpose of this is to offer the rider the necessary fabric protection on long-rides.

Key Highlights:

  • A high cut front panel that expands for lower belly comfort.
  • Zero inner-thigh seams, reducing chafing and eliminating a common Bib weak spot.
  • Optimised mesh straps for a secure & comfortable fit on shoulders.
  • A large posterior lycra panel for maximum cooling and breathability.
  • “Pro-length” inseam for better fabric protection on long rides.

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