PeDAL ED Cycling Chino - Navy - SpinWarriors
PeDAL ED Cycling Chino - Navy - SpinWarriors
PeDAL ED Cycling Chino - Navy - SpinWarriors
PeDAL ED Cycling Chino - Navy - SpinWarriors
PeDAL ED Cycling Chino - Navy - SpinWarriors
PeDAL ED Cycling Chino - Navy - SpinWarriors
Rp. 1.750.000

PeDALED Cycling Chino - Navy


Made from a blend of elastan and cotton, the Cycling Chino is a soft chino pant with four-way stretch tapered for a stylish fit and comfortable riding. These trousers feature a reinforced insert in the cuff to prevent chain or other damage and reflective details for night cycling.


  • Comfort fit & stretch fabric
  • Refelctive details
  • Chain protection
  • Composition: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Made in Italy

PEdAL ED began out of a love for cycling.
In 2007, Hideto Suzuki started creating beautiful and functional apparel to complement his cycling lifestyle in Tokyo. Since then, he has gone on to create a number of award-winning collections based on his belief that each feature of a garment can improve function and performance, not simply aesthetics.

At PEdAL ED, we design clothing for people who love cycling.
We want to make the most comfortable and long-lasting garments on the market.
Garments you will love and recommend. Founded and handcrafted in Japan, PEdALED has grown internationally and also started a new collaboration in Italy, the heart of cycling apparel production.
Here Hideto’s creative talent has been able to develop new ideas, bringing together his unique understanding of materials and designs with the best of Italian manufacturing tradition.

Design for Cycling
We believe that a man’s body deserves the best.
Cyclists demand the best from their garments, they challenge them, in every kind of condition, sometimes on long hard climbs, sometimes on their daily commute to work. This is why our design is inspired by our days on the saddle to provide to every cyclist the best transaction between him and the road.
Our products are not just cycling garments and technical apparel; they are the incarnation of our sense of aesthetic in which the harmony between a man, his bike, the world that surrounds him and his apparel are all part of the same vision.

Every PEdAL ED product tells the story of our approach to Life and to Cycling. Made in Italy stand for an attention to detail, and care for high quality products.
The use of the finest manufacturing techniques guarantees that our garments are highly functional and durable.
We want cyclists to appreciate what we make as something inherently special and feel the difference in our garments. 


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