Nexo Punction Proof Never Flat Tire - 700x24 (24-622) - SpinWarriors
Nexo Punction Proof Never Flat Tire - 700x24 (24-622) - SpinWarriors
Nexo Punction Proof Never Flat Tire - 700x24 (24-622) - SpinWarriors
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Nexo Punction Proof Never Flat Tire - 700x24 (24-622)


Air light
Reduced by up to 40%.
The NEXO bike tires are made of NEXELL®, a compounded macromolecular material innovated by OTRAJET Inc.more than half of their interior is filled with N2, a stable gas, realizing the light-weight ideal for solid tires while maintaining the main physical performance of NEXELL material. The weight is reduced by up to 40% compared with traditional burst-proof pneumatic tires, so biking with solid tires is much easier and more comfortable without the heavy weight.

NEXELL inside
NEXO Micro-cell Tech tires are made of NEXELL, innovated by OTRAJET Inc., through integration of more than three macromolecular materials via Cross Linking into the primary material of light-weight, solid NEXO bike tires.

Longer abrasion durability
Over 5,000 km
NEXO tire has passed 5,000km treading durability test under JIS standards and results reveal tread depth decreased only by 0.2mm and 11.4g tire weight lost. Also, the tread depth of training tires decreased only by 0.1mm and 5.1g (about 1%) tire weight lost. 
* Durability may vary due to individual cruising styles.

Test Setting

  • Distance : 5,000km
  • Speed : 30km/h
  • Load : 54 kg/individual tire
  • Abrasive Material : Emery paper #400

NEXO tire made of NEXELL meterials, VP-MS001 & VP-MS002, has passed ISO 4210:2015 braking test; front and rear tire are safety forward under wet and dry condition.

T-Bolt, Otrajet's exclusive patented safety device, keeps NEXO tires in the center of rims, preventing rim-out and tire twisted. Exclusive patented safety device

Meet safe and convenient
NEXO tire is formed by NEXELL with millions of cells filled with noble gas-N2, not only provides stable pressure, but also erases the trouble of air-pumping.

Besides, NEXO tire is going to overthrow the image of pneumatic tire by its uni-body injection and engineering. Just pull back out the shock objection if the nail get stuck into the tire!


  • Tire size: 700x24 (24-622) (Road bikes)
  • Materials: NEXELL MS VP-001
  • ​T-Bolt size: S
  • Suitable for: Rim inner diameter - 406mm
  • Certification: RoHs, PAHs, ISO 4210:2015


  • Ban anti kempes untuk sepeda road bike.
  • Bila bepergian biasanya saat naik pesawat tekanan angin pada ban mesti dikurangi dan saat sepeda hendak digunakan lagi maka tekanan angin perlu ditambah. Dengan ban Nexo kita tidak perlu melakukan hal tsb. Saat traveling tidak perlu membawa ban dalam cadangan dan pompa. 
  • Bebas cemas karena kempes ban saat touring. 
  • Awet dan tahan lama digunakan hingga 5000 km. 
  • Harga yang tercantum adalah harga per pc.

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