Moulton TSR 2+ - Black - SpinWarriors
Moulton TSR 2+ - Black - SpinWarriors
Rp. 36.000.000

Moulton TSR 2 - Black


The perfect urban Moulton. The beautifully simple TSR 2+ has a frame free of cables and cable-guides. The Sturmey-Archer Duomatic kick-shift two-speed hub has two well-spaced ratios and an integrated back-pedal coaster brake. No shifters, no cables, no adjustment and easy to separate.

The Moulton TSR possesses all the essential Moulton features for performance and comfort – space-frame construction, small wheels and full suspension – all encompassed within the iconic and inimitable Moulton architectural aesthetic.  Engineered for a smooth and efficient riding experience, the Moulton space-frame is uniquely separable for ease of transportation and stowage. The Moulton TSR is available in a wide range of specifications, all featuring V-brakes for generous mudguard clearances and to allow the use of wider tyres for town and trail use. With a full range of optional racks, bags and mudguards, there is a TSR for every use – sportive riding, touring, commuting and leisure. Every TSR is hand-built in England by highly skilled craftsmen.

Moulton bicycles are all handmade in England. 


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