MKS Supreme Pedal - SpinWarriors
MKS Supreme Pedal - SpinWarriors
MKS Supreme Pedal - SpinWarriors
MKS Supreme Pedal - SpinWarriors
Rp. 2.500.000

MKS Supreme Pedal


There are no shortcuts on a velodrome, and riding precisely on the black line will be the shortest distance around the track every time. Just like on the track, we at MKS take no shortcuts and focus on precision when building our SUPREME pedals.

Our most skilled employees assemble and adjust the SUPREME pedal one at time. The SUPREME is built around our finest sealed bearing system, which uses two japanese sealed cartridge bearings that are factory adjusted using extremely thin spacers (from .02mm) to ensure the SUPREME offers the highest level of rotational performance available on the market.

As the SUPREME was designed and built for professional track racing, the certification is stamped onto every pedal using the NJS mark. When compared to our Custom Nuevo, we upgraded the axle to reduce the harshness of ride, and strengthened the cage plates using triangular cut-outs while holding the pedal weight at 294g. We highly recommend you use toe clips and or straps with the SUPREME, as it was truly designed for performance.

The SUPREME is available in two colors, Black and Silver. Both colors share the same chrome plated semi-hollow axle and alloy pedal body polished to a mirror finish. The Silver features chrome plated cage plates, while the Black features anodized cage plates.


  • Color: Chrome Silver
  • Body: Highly-polished alloy
  • Plate: Silver-Chrome plated alloy
  • Size: Width 84mm × Length 60mm
  • Step Area: Single sided
  • Toe Clip: Recommended 
  • Reflector: Possible(option)
  • Purpose: Track
  • Weight of a pair: 294g
  • Specifications are subject to changed without notice. 

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