MKS Royal Nuevo Pedal - SpinWarriors
MKS Royal Nuevo Pedal - SpinWarriors
Rp. 2.000.000

MKS Royal Nuevo Pedal


The ROYAL NUEVO is a lightweight, smooth turning, classically styled track pedal that’s made and approved for the velodrome, but is also a great fit for a classic bike and fixed gear builds. The short axle length helps reduce pedal flex and allows the rider to keep a narrow stance width to provide clearance on a track’s banking- which also helps prevent pedal strikes when cornering on the road.

As the ROYAL NUEVO was designed and built for professional track racing, the certification is stamped onto every pedal using the NJS mark.

While the SUPREME and RX-1 are built around our dual sealed cartridge bearing system, the royal Nuevo uses our highest quality cup and cone system. We polish the internal surfaces of the cups and cone and use a higher precision ball bearing than our standard cup and cone resulting in a rotation most people can’t believe isn’t a cartridge bearing.

The ROYAL NUEVO is not only has a rebuilding bearing system, but it also has replaceable cage plates making this pedal one that will last a lifetime. We highly recommend you use toe clips and or straps with the ROYAL NUEVO.


  • ColorSatin Silver
  • BodyHighly polished Alloy
  • PlateAnodized Alloy
  • Size : W84 x L60
  • Step Area: Single sided
  • Toe Clip: Recommended
  • Reflector: Possible(option)
  • Purpose: TRACK
  • Weight of a pair: 297gr

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