MKS Cygma Ezy Pedal
MKS Cygma Ezy Pedal
MKS Cygma Ezy Pedal
Rp. 900.000

MKS Cygma Ezy Pedal

  • Compact & Light weight pedal.
  • Double sided flat pedal makes it easy to catch and pedal.
  • Toe Clip and reflectors are available.
  • The pedals are easily & rapidly released without any specific tools.
  • It is best suitable for folding bikes or “RINKO” activity: packing and carrying bikes for traveling by train.
  • The stopper must be fitted. If it could not be fitted, the pedal attachment is incomplete.
  • Without the stopper, the adapter would be broken, or the pedal may fall off and will result in serious injury.


  • Color: Silver
  • Body: Alloy
  • Size: Width 73mm × Length 64mm
  • Step Area: Double sided
  • Toe Clip: Possible
  • Reflector: Possible(option)
  • Purpose: Touring / Folding / City
  • Weight of a pair: 316g
  • Specifications are subject to changed without notice. 

※A thin pedal spanner (15 mm wrench flat with under 3.2 mm thickness) is required for initial attachment of the adapter.