MKS Compact Ezy Pedal - Grey - SpinWarriors
MKS Compact Ezy Pedal - Grey - SpinWarriors
MKS Compact Ezy Pedal - Grey - SpinWarriors
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MKS Compact Ezy Pedal - Grey


The MKS Compact is perfect for folding bikes!

At 302 grams for the pair, the Compact is our lightest pedal equipped with an Ezy quick release axle system.
Its double-sided one-piece pedal body has a low profile made of CNC milled extruded alloy.

The compact uses a single sealed bearing and bushing bearing, which not only helps keep the weight down but also keeps the pedal impact resilient.

The Ezy system allows for safe, rapid, and toolless removal of pedals for travel, storage, or flexibility. Particularly popular as an upgrade for folding bicycles, those who take their bikes on mass transit, or travel bikes with coupler systems MKS pedals equipped with the Ezy system can dramatical improve ride quality while saving space.

To use the Ezy pedal simply remove the yellow retaining ring, and pull back on the collar that's attached to the crank arm to release or install the pedal.

The stopper must be fitted. If the stopper is not installed the pedal attachment is incomplete. Without the stopper the adapter can break, or the pedal may fall off resulting in serious injury.

※There is no cross-compatibility between Ezy Superior and Ezy.


  • Body: Alloy extruded CNC
  • Size: Width 75mm x Length 67mm
  • Step Area: Double sided
  • Toe Clip: Non
  • Reflector: Possible(option)
  • Purpose: FOLDING/CITY
  • Weight of a pair: 302g

Specifications are subject to changed without notice.

※A thin pedal spanner (15 mm wrench flat with under 3.2 mm thickness) is required for initial attachment of the adapter.
For the installation of Ezy Superior and Ezy, we recommend you to use dedicated MKS original PEDAL SPANNER or thin wheel hub spanner.


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