Kogel Kolossos GRX & Ultegra RX800 Oversized Derailleur Cage - Black - SpinWarriors
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Kogel Kolossos GRX & Ultegra RX800 Oversized Derailleur Cage - Black


Kolossos is the Greek word for a statue, much larger than the original subject. Seems fitting for an oversized derailleur cage with a 19 tooth bottom wheel.

Besides reduced friction, this cage is built with shifting accuracy and chain retention in mind. Kogel Bearings has always had a strong connection to off-road disciplines. We wouldn't build it if it weren't gravel proof.

Oversized pulley systems are an excellent way of reducing the additional friction caused by clutch derailleurs. 

This model is built for the GRX 2X (RD-RX810) and Ultegra RX800 series derailleurs. This includes mechanical and Di2.

This cage fits on the GRX 1x derailleur (RD-RX812) and will allow to shift through the entire range on an 11-42 cassette, but it will leave a large spacing between the top pulley and the smaller cogs. Expect shifting to be less snappy in these three gears in a 1x setup.


  • 2-year Guaranteed Performance Warranty on the cages, so you can feel confident and secure about your next two seasons of riding
  • Design offering low friction AND shifting accuracy.
  • Long-tooth profile on lower pulley for better chain retention.
  • Chain catcher on lower pulley to prevent chain jams.
  • No limits on-road and off-road compatibility.
  • SS (short) cage and GS (medium) cage fit and easy installation right out of the box.
  • Reduced drag associated with clutch derailleurs and 1x setups

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