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Rp. 1.500.000

Kogel Aluminum Derailleur Pulleys with Ceramic Bearings


These pulleys spin on Grade 3, Abec 5 hybrid ceramic bearings. The same bearings as our bottom brackets. Choose road bearings for lowest friction on road bikes or cross bearings if durability is key (that's for you, cross and gravel racers). The wheels are made of aluminum, which will make them more resistant to wear in muddy conditions.

Out of the box, these pulleys will fit on:

  • Shimano road/MTB 10 and 11 speed
  • Campagnolo 11 speed
  • SRAM 2x MTB 10speed
  • For SRAM 10 and 11 speed road groups, the bore of the top pulley is different, please ask with our mechanic team
  • For SRAM 1x derailleurs, please look at our 12 tooth Narrow Wide Pulleys
  • Not compatible with Campagnolo 10 speed

Material Care
Ball bearings are wear items, similar to the chain on your bicycle. While we went out of our way to present you with the best possible product, your Kogel Bearings do require some maintenance and a new seal kit from time to time. Please
download this service document from our manuals section for a step by step on how to keep your bearings running smoothly.

Kogel Bearings strives for best-in-industry product support. Our hybrid and full ceramic bearings are covered under our 1+1 year warranty, which guarantees that we will keep you on the road for two years, pending on annual bearing service. Read more about our philosophy in this blog post.

Our products are designed in a collaboration between our US office and our business partner in Belgium. Production is done by factories all over the world, which we trust to deliver products that are up to the Kogel standard. We currently use manufacturers from USA, China and Belgium.


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