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Effetto Mariposa Carbocut

Effetto Mariposa

Carbocut is a revolutionary hacksaw specifically designed for the bicycle world – it’s the best possible tool you can have for cutting hard materials (ceramics, steel, titanium…) and it simply shines when it comes to working with composite tubes and parts. Thanks to its grit edge tungsten carbide (WC) blade (metallurgically bonded tungsten carbide grit on a toothless metal blade), Carbocut won’t damage carbon or kevlar fibers, but smoothly cut through them.


  • Composite-friendly: Cuts faster, with a better finish & no fiber damage. Gritted blades have thousands of cutting edges and cut with a ‘grindingÂ’ action rather than the aggressive ‘rippingÂ’ action of toothed blades, reducing the risk of debonding fibers from the matrix. The edge of a carbon tube cut with Carbocut is smooth and without sharp or uneven edges, saving the sand-paper time.
  • Smooth-cutting action & better control: Carbocut blade cuts both on push and pull stroke, providing more control and less vibrations. Being 19mm (3/4”) tall, the blade itself is an additional guide for straight cuts. Spacers or washers might be needed to use the WC blade with some cut jigs, due to the slightly wider cut-width (1,6mm instead of 0,9 of a standard blade).
  • Durable blade: WC blades greatly outlive standard metal toothed blades, especially when cutting difficult materials (like composites).
  • What it cuts: Composites, hard metals (hardened steel, cast iron, titanium) ceramic and masonry. Softer materials like wood, plastics or aluminum are more easily cut with standard toothed blades.
  • Compact/easy to handle: Carbocut accepts 10” blades, making it very compact and easy to carry in a toolbox or to use in tight spaces. Replacement 10” WC blades are available from Effetto Mariposa distributors.
  • Made with certified metals: Carbocut handle is made with certified aluminum (EN AB46100 alloy, no scrap-aluminum added), its frame with certified steel (Fe42) and its blade is simply extraordinary: this tool is built to last and perform. An ergonomic blade-tightening knob ensures the correct blade tension for many, perfect cuts.
  • Made in Italy

Carbocut blades, in a pack of five, are the replacement blades for Carbocut hacksaw.


  • With WC grit edge, for a perfect cutting action
  • Outlast by ten times any metal toothed blade
  • Cut both on push and pull stroke
  • 10? lenght (254mm), 3/4? height (19mm), cut width 1,6mm

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