CyclingCeramic ITA-Shimano Bottom Bracket - Black - SpinWarriors
Rp. 3.000.000

CyclingCeramic ITA-Shimano Bottom Bracket - Black


  • All CyclingCeramic ITA bottom brackets are combined with low friction bearings and more durable than standard bearings. The high quality finish of the bottom brackets allow them to achieve high performances. They have been designed to offer a lightweight package and thanks to the design of the seals, allow maximum protection.
  • This CyclingCeramic bottom bracket is made of 7075 aluminum in France. Available in black, for 24mm crankset. It is suitable for frames with ITALIAN threads.
  • Our bottom brackets are assembled and drawn by hand in our workshop in France.
  • Frame: ITA
  • Axle diameter: 24mm
  • Weight: 80g

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