Curve Belgie Ultra Disc Titanium Frameset
Curve Belgie Ultra Disc Titanium Frameset
Curve Belgie Ultra Disc Titanium Frameset
Curve Belgie Ultra Disc Titanium Frameset
Curve Belgie Ultra Disc Titanium Frameset
Curve Belgie Ultra Disc Titanium Frameset
Rp. 45.000.000

Curve Belgie Ultra Disc Titanium Frameset


Our titanium endurance road bike is built to take on any long road, or light gravel adventure.

The Belgie is affectionately named after Melbourne's infamous "Belgie Ride,” a short, sharp, mixed terrain shop ride that often resembles a CX race rather than a road ride.

Then after Jesse’s success in winning the 2015 Trans Am Bike Race, we wanted to develop the Belgie name further, highlighting the spirit of Australian endurance cycling. So the Belgie SPIRIT was born in 2016 to take on the 5,545km Indian Pacific Wheel Race, celebrating the rich history of the Overlanders from the 1890s. 

Furthermore, through feedback from endurance riders and athletes worldwide, we continued to develop this frame again, improving handling, cornering, and now featuring bento box mounting points. As a result, we now call this version the Belgie ULTRA.

Lighter and Sleeker
The Belgie ULTRA has thinner 16 mm seat stay tubing and an improved tapered head tube, resulting in a sleeker frame design and considerable weight savings. 
At 1630 grams, the Belgie ULTRA 56 frame is 180 grams lighter than the previous model.

Stability and Improved Geometry
Longer chainstays, front to centre, and overall wheelbase across all sizes. A taller stack and more extended reach help make the ULTRA comfortable to ride all day long. This also helps improve the pesky toe overlap when using a wider tyre. 

The ULTRA features our Race 370 fork, resulting in tyre clearance of up to 32 mm.

Bento Box + Extra Storage Space
The Belgie ULTRA features Bento Box mounting points on the top tube allowing riders to secure belongings in most bolt-on bike bags. We have also increased the size of the front triangle, allowing more storage capacity for top tube frame bags and water bottles.

Mechanical versus Electric
Thanks to some improvements in engineering, the Belgie frame is now compatible with both electronic and mechanical gear systems. So you can now have your pick of eTap, Di2, or standard mechanical options.

Invest In Happiness
Curve titanium frames come with a Lifetime Warranty so that you can be sure the bike you love most will be the bike you love longest. We design every Curve product at our Abbotsford headquarters, then test them out in the real world, under the most demanding conditions.


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