CHPT3 OneMoreLap 1.12 Bibshort - Outer Space - SpinWarriors
CHPT3 OneMoreLap 1.12 Bibshort - Outer Space - SpinWarriors
CHPT3 OneMoreLap 1.12 Bibshort - Outer Space - SpinWarriors
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CHPT3 OneMoreLap 1.12 Bibshort - Outer Space


Classic multi-panelled short construction using luxurious forza fabric with high density lycra and lightweight 3d mesh upper and fitted with the tour de france standard progetto x2 seat pad.

    After 18 years as a professional, over a thousand days racing under my belt, and yet there was one day’s racing I’d never completed:Paris-Roubaix. In my final year, 2014, it was one of my primary objectives, to finish that is. 257km, 28 cobbled sections totaling nearly 60km, and two laps of a velodrome. I did it all, apart from the last lap. I stood in the middle of that most famous of velodromes, helmet off, knocking back a Fanta, face covered in dirt, feeling a bit of a hero. Until my wife told me I had one more lap to do. ONEMORELAP? That pretty much summed up my final year, it wasn't exactly a blaze of glory.

    The ONEMORELAP multi-panel bib short is inspired by my last Roubaix ride. It's robust – but comfortable; it feels like it’s up to a six hour ride across the cobbles. The chamois is an evolution of the one I used my last four years as a pro, only dedicated to my good friend Lord Latymer. But that is another story. This is the CHPT3 ONEMORELAP bib short, a reminder to us all that sometimes finishing can be as important as winning.

    These shorts are made in a multi-panel fashion which is different to the flagship 1.11 shorts which uses a more expensive ‘bodypaint’ construction method that involves high wastage in the manufacturing process. In other words it allows us to create a short that uses the highest quality of fabric but at a slightly lower price point to the 1.11.

    This is also the reason we used a bib that is identical to the type of bib used in racing, the only difference being that it has a pattern printed on it in order to give it an internal reveal of colour and pattern in contrast to the subdued exterior, much like a Savile Row suit.


    • 240g Forza fabric with 38% Lycra content for perfect compressive fit
    • CHPT3 exclusive Progetto X2 Air chamois featuring the Latymer clause
    • Printed mesh bibs with Roubaix velodrome graphic
    • Embossed logos
    • No-sew silicone leg gripper elastic
    • Weight: 188g

    The fabric and construction of these shorts mean they feel near as dammit to compression apparel. We recommend you wear your exact waist size (B), but if you have any doubts, and would like a slightly less compression feel then upsize one e.g. if you have a 32" waist (B) then wear a 33".


    • 29 Waist 29" / 73.5cm
    • 30 Waist 30" / 76cm
    • 31 Waist 31" / 78.5cm
    • 32 Waist 32" / 81cm
    • 33 Waist 33" / 83.5cm
    • 34 Waist 34" / 86cm
    • 36 Waist 36" / 91cm

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