CHPT3 MonzaMilano 1.51 Socks - SpinWarriors
CHPT3 MonzaMilano 1.51 Socks - SpinWarriors
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CHPT3 MonzaMilano 1.51 Socks


40% polyester. 40% polyamide. 40% elastane. The best socks in the world.

When it came to the subject of CHPT3 socks I told Steve Smith of Castelli, “I have the best socks in the world, but I don’t know where they are from.” So the search began. Steve and I gave our email correspondence the subject title: TBSITW (The Best Socks In The World). I couriered one of my last pairs to Italy to be studied by Laura in R&D at Castelli. Laura ultimately tracked them down to a factory in Northern Italy but the factory was no longer in business.

So we had to start over and re-engineer the best sock in the world. 1.51 is the fruit of the quest for TBSITW. The footbed is made with ceramic thread. I don't know what this does, makes them awesome I think. The height is quite high; this is how I like them. They will lose a little bit of this height after their first wash, but minimal. I wanted socks I could wear with a suit if I wanted; these I can.

A TT on the final stage of a Grand Tour is not enjoyable, never has been, never will be. Unless you win it, then it’s a euphoric day, that’s what happened to me on the final stage into Milan in the 2011 Giro. We started in some nondescript industrial estate that day, the 2017 Giro sees a much more iconic start, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, built in 1922 it was the third purpose-built motor racing circuit in the world. We pay homage to this by creating a design of the Monza start line, arguably more important to the vast majority of the peloton on the last day than the finish line, because simply still being in the race on that last day of a GT is a massive achievement in itself.


  • Meryl Skinlife bacteriostatic upper portion
  • Ceramic footbed for durability
  • Pro length (15cm)
  • TBSITW (The Best Socks In The World)
  • Weight 47g pair

The footbed is made with a ceramic thread that not only increases strength but also decreases heat build-up. The main body of the sock is a microfibre nylon base using Meryl® Skinlife, a fabric technology that belongs to the most advanced mix of intelligent polyamide yarns. Its composition offers a permanent antimicrobial effect able to reduce unpleasant odours in your garments, allowing you to exercise hard and stay feeling fresh.

They have a height of 15cm, which although taller than a classic sock, does not enter into the domain of the ridiculously tall.


  • S/M 36-39
  • L/XL 40-43
  • XXL 44-47

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