Carrera AR01 2019 Frameset - Cromovelato Gold - SpinWarriors
Carrera AR01 2019 Frameset - Cromovelato Gold - SpinWarriors
Carrera AR01 2019 Frameset - Cromovelato Gold - SpinWarriors
Rp. 28.000.000

Rp. 53.000.000

Carrera AR01 Frameset - Cromovelato Gold

Carrera Bikes

The newest innovation from the engineers at Carrera Podium is the exciting new AR-01 model. The AR-01 is a bicycle with no compromises; it is light, rigid and aerodynamic and its perfectly balanced weight improves the handling of this professional model. The design offers superior lateral and torsional stiffness in order to deliver the power from each pedal stroke with no flex or deflection and with the aero tube shapes the AR-01 is the most efficient Carrera ever.

The IAS stem system integrates into the head tube and melds perfectly into the top tube and again improves aerodynamics. The most important element of the AR-01 is the cyclist has 3 brake components to choose. This model has the option of normal brake calipers, direct mount brakes or disc brake. The frame has brake mounting points for all three styles. There are 2 forks to choose; one for disc and one for caliper/direct mount.

The result is a highly efficient machine with supreme ride characteristics. The AR-01 has phenomenal stability at high speed descents especially with technical cornering and with 3 brake options the rider can choose their stopping power. The new Carrera is a stand out bike in the aero road category.


  • Fork: CM58 Carbon 60HM finish UD 1-1/8” - 1,5” 
  • Fork Weight: 350gr
  • Material: Carbon Pre-Preg T-800sC HM50 T - Hs40 - Hs60 T UD
  • Assembly System: Monocoque
  • Integrated Headset System: 1-1/8” - 1,5”
  • Bottom Bracket: Press Fit 86x41
  • Rear Dropouts: Carbon integrated chainstay
  • Frame Weight: 1,100 gram (Size M)
  • Integrated stem concept with internal cabling
  • Internal cabling
  • Ready for electronics system
  • Ready for flat mount brake
  • Ready for direct mount brake under bottom bracket

Design & Technical Features:

  • NACA00XX profiles carbon tubes.
  • KAMM-TAIL system. The NACA profiles have been modified to fit in the rule of 3:1 (ratio of longitudinal section and cross section) in order to comply with the sporting regulation introduced by UCI (UCI label).
  • IAS. Integrated Aero Stem. Improved drag coefficient because of its aero shape and internal cables routing.
  • Front fork integrated with the head tube.
  • Asymmetric chainstay. Larger section of the left chain stay than the right one which makes the frameset 12% stiffer than a normal condition.
  • Seat stays design. The special structure keeps the top end of the rear wheel far enough from the seat stay itself. This system is able to avoid the turbulence that may be generated by the wheel movement flow combined with the advancement air-flow.
  • 3 BRAKES SYSTEM – D.M. on the chainstay, D.M. on the seat stays, 12mm Thru Axle disc brake. You can choose your preferred brake system option just by changing front fork & rear dropouts. The non-disc frameset version includes a special quick release which is a little bit longer than the standard one.
  • Internal cabling ready for electronic shifting – ICR
  • Integrated seatpost clamp to get the better drag coefficient.
  • Rear derailleur cable. It comes out straight from the rear drop out which allows to use a shorter cable: less friction and useless cables that can affect the drag coefficient.  
  • Top tube. Because of the integration stem/top tube, the top tube stays in a higher position compared to a traditional frameset. To compensate this fact the top tube was curved in down and this causes some advantages: a. the triangle is more compact, stiffer, b. it is more comfortable and safer for the rider who needs to get off the bike quickly, especially for tall persons, c. in aesthetic terms, you can have an higher seatpost which is nicer to see d. for the shorter riders, you have a higher seatpost adjustment range.

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