Bookman USB Light - Green
Bookman USB Light - Green
Bookman USB Light - Green
Bookman USB Light - Green
Rp. 525.000

Bookman USB Light - Green

The USB Light is compact, lightweight and surprisingly bright. It fits all bicycle handlebars and saddle poles and is quick and easy to attach with an elastic rubber band. Its large button on the upper side makes the light easy to turn on and off, even with gloves.

The light is fitted with a micro USB port for recharging the battery. The indicator on the back of the light will start to flash when the battery is low and even then the light is programmed to hold a constant brightness so you can always trust the lights to be bright when you need them.

The USB Light is weather resistant and can be used all year round.

Tech Spec:

  • Brightness: 10 lumens (white light); 4 lumens (red light)
  • Run time: 5 hours (steady); 25 hours (flashing); 2 hours to recharge the battery
  • Battery indicator
    Light is on: Red flashing light when less than 30 minutes remaining
    Light is charging: Red steady light - charging, Green steady light - charging complete
  • Battery size: 220 mAh
  • Visibility: Over 500 meters
  • Modes: steady/flashing/off
  • Contents: front light (white led), rear light (red led), USB/micro USB cable