Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Beryl Laserlight
Rp. 2.250.000

Beryl Laserlight

Ride with the Laserlight forward projection technology, combining a white light and laser image to beam out of blind spots, junctions and situations where you’re otherwise unseen. All housed in a premium aircraft-grade aluminium casing, anodised and sandblasted for a strong finish.

Be visible before you’re seen
Shine a bright laser image on the road ahead, so drivers know you’re coming. Even if you’re in the blind spot.

Tried, tested and shared
Our patented Laserlight technology has been independently tested by the Transport Research Lab, and is used on all London Santander bikes.

Protects you. And itself.
Encased in aircraft-grade aluminium and completely waterproof, your Laserlight is built to last.

Product Details:
  • BRIGHTNESS: 300 lm white LED
  • BATTERY LIFE: 13h on a single charge
  • MOUNTING: One-hand quick release
  • POWER SAVE MODE: 4h of light at 95% depletion


  • WATERPROOF: Fully waterproof, not just water resistant
  • MODES: Laserlight: Flash and solid mode | White light: Flash, solid high power, solid low power
  • USB CHARGE: 50% in 1h, 100% in 4h
  • MOUNT: Fits 24–32mm handlebars (99% of them)
  • IN THE BOX: Laserlight · USB charging cable · Mounting bracket · 4mm hex key · 3 inserts
  • DIMENSIONS: L: 115 mm · W: 33.9 mm · H: 44.6 mm
  • WEIGHT: 182 grams

Battery Performance:




Constant Laser

2 hours

4.5 hours

6 hours

Flashing Laser

2.5 hours

6.5 hours

13 hours

Laser Off

3 hours

9.5 hours

29 hours

How long does the battery last?
Running times depend on what mode it is used in. With both the laser and LED light in steady mode, it will last for 2hrs. With both in flashing mode, the light should last at least 18h from fully charged. It lasts 32h as a low-intensity flashlight.

Is the laser dangerous?
Our laser is certified as safe for consumers to use

How bright is the light in lumens?
The flashing and low-power setting operate at 100 lumens and the high power setting is 300 lumens.
Laserlight menggabungkan cahaya putih LED dan gambar laser untuk memperlihatkan keberadaan anda di jalanan, di setiap persimpangan dan pada situasi di mana Anda tidak terlihat.
Laserlight memiliki casing aluminium premium yang digunakan pada industri pesawat terbang, diproses anodize dan sandblasted untuk hasil akhir yang kuat. Sepenuhnya kedap air, Laserlight dibuat untuk tahan lama.

Jadilah terlihat sebelum Anda terlihat.
Gambar laser yang bersinar cerah di jalan di depan, sehingga pengemudi tahu Anda akan datang, bahkan jika Anda berada di persimpangan. Teknologi Laserlight kami yang telah dipatenkan telah diuji secara independen oleh Transport Research Lab, dan digunakan pada semua sepeda London Santander.