Helm Sepeda Bern Union MIPS - Matte Black - SpinWarriors
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Bern Union MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - SpinWarriors
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Bern Union MIPS Helmet - Matte Black


You can never go wrong with a Bern Helmet. From the café to the office, the Bern Union MIPS Helmet is home wherever your urban adventures take you. This Union Bike Helmet features MIPS technology, a Boa 360 degree retention system, a removable flip visor, and modern styling. With a modern look, premium construction, and superior fit, it sure is one of the classics. 


This urban road helmet is perfect for your morning bike rides! With both Zipmold+, MIPS technology, and EN1078 and CPSC safety certification, you can rest assured when it comes to protection. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a leading protection system designed to reduce rotational impact from accidents. Elaborately, Zipmold+ gives the helmet an extremely light wear for its user and a strong exterior as it gives the Bern Union a higher strength-to-weight ratio than in-mold helmets. 

To elaborate more on the ZipMold+ technology, it is the most advanced of construction methods, which offer the lightest and thinnest helmets without compromising any protection. Particularly, ZipMold helmets grant the same level of protection as Thin Shell (EPS) helmets but in a lower profile design. Therefore, giving a one-piece construction helmet that sits incredibly low on your head and feels like nothing is there. With this advantage, you are guaranteed to have an effortless look! 


Suitable for recreational bikers, its premium moisture-control and comfort liner helps keep you cool and sweat-free on long commutes for added comfort. Likewise, the Bern Union Bicycle Helmet also features 21 vents, which provide plenty of airflow to your head no matter the weather. 

Furthermore, the Union City Helmet will give its user a superior fit compared to other helmets. With its Boa 360 degree retention system, it dials the perfect and secure fit on your head. As a result, the helmet will sit on your noggin throughout your endeavors with no worry. 

Moreover, it comes with a removable flip visor, which gives the helmet Bern's signature look. Most importantly, it’s customizable! It allows users to wear it for eye protection, style, flip it out of the way or remove it altogether -- It’s all up to you!

Additionally, you can personalize the Union Helmet with other added features! For instance, this helmet is Quickmount Light compatible. In no time, you can fasten your light onto the rear of the helmet’s shell. Furthermore, it utilizes reinforced vents to hold its U-lock compatible opening. During a stop, Bern has made it easier for you with 2 U-lock vents at the back of the helmet to secure it to your bike when it’s not in use.

Lastly, the Union comes in different classic colors! Including matte black and muted teal in our store. 

The Bern Union MIPS Bike Helmet holds a combination of features from your favorite Bern Helmets, which makes it fitting for your recreational urban bike rides. With its casual looks, premium build, and top-notch features, you can’t go wrong with Bern’s Union Helmet!

This helmet includes MIPS technology. If you are looking for a Bern Union without MIPS, click here

Want to learn more about Bern? Click here to visit their website!


  • QUICKMOUNT LIGHT COMPATIBLE - The Quickmount Asteroid is a micro-USB rechargeable bike light. It can be easily fastened to the two-hole mount located on the rear of the helmet’s shell.
  • BOA DIAL FIT SYSTEM - Full-featured, premium, 360° fit system to dial into the perfect secure fit.
  • U-LOCK VENTS - Use these U-lock compatible reinforced vents at the back of the helmet to keep your helmet secure when not in use.
  • MIPS - Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. Designed to protect against rotational violence to the brain caused by rotational impacts.


  • Weight: 355 grams
  • Standards: CPSC, EN1078
  • Construction: Zipmold+
  • Fit System: Boa
  • Vents: 2

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