Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet - Matte Lagoon - SpinWarriors
Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet - Matte Lagoon - SpinWarriors
Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet - Matte Lagoon - SpinWarriors
Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet - Matte Lagoon - SpinWarriors
Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet - Matte Lagoon - SpinWarriors
Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet - Matte Lagoon - SpinWarriors
Rp. 1.750.000

Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet - Matte Lagoon


Without a doubt, the Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet is perfect for your road biking needs. The FL-1 (Feather Light One) Pave bicycle helmet is the definition of cutting edge technology. Exquisitely inspired by the original leather Tour de France helmet, this Bern helmet brings all the technical innovations of road bike racing technology to you. For instance, this urban bike helmet stands out with its premium Boa 360-degree dial fit system and comfortable In-Mold design. In the making for 3 years, Bern has created one of the lightest and most low-profile helmets on the market.


First of all, what any bike rider looks for in a helmet is quality protection and you can’t go wrong with the Bern FL-1 Pave. Made specifically for road biking or bike racing, this urban helmet meets both CPSC and EN1078 bicycle safety standards. So, you can feel confident you have the right helmet for your favorite ride. In addition to that, its In-Mold design brings you the current best production technology for making ultra lightweight helmets with a high level of firmness and maximum protection. 


True to its name, the Feather Light 1 Pave is one of the lightest bike helmets on the market, coming in at 248 grams. Moreover, FL-1 also features the Boa 360-degree retention system which provides unparalleled fit no matter the head size or shape. Also, the Boa fit system offers adjustment for not only the front of the helmet, but also its lateral fit on your head. Furthermore, there’s no worry in trying to stay cool during rides. With 18 vents built into the helmet, you will surely have no problem.

Design wise, the Bern FL-1 Pave takes on a more liberal approach on bike helmets. The addition of its soft visor gives it Bern’s signature sleek look and comfortable forehead padding. Besides that, the visor is sure to shield your eyes well without impeding your vision. 

Available in 4 sleek colours to choose from, the FL-1 Pave has a style for everyone's taste. Whether you are a casual user looking for an urban bike helmet or a pro user that seeks the maximum performance from your road bike helmet, the FL-1 Pave will fit your needs.

Finally, you can conveniently add the Quickmount Asteroid Light (sold separately) onto the rear of the helmet to add a personal and safety touch. Scroll down to learn more about the Quickmount Light! 

To summarize, the FL-1 Pave “Feather Light One” keeps you feeling light and cool on any journey at an unbelievable price while providing better fit, durability and protection.

This Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet comes without the MIPS feature. If you are interested in its MIPS version, click here!

Want to learn more about Bern? Click here to visit their website!


  • QUICKMOUNT LIGHT COMPATIBLE - The Quickmount Asteroid is a micro-USB rechargeable bike light. It is easily fastened to the two-hole mount located on the rear of the helmet’s shell.
  • BOA DIAL FIT SYSTEM - Full-featured, premium, 360° fit system to dial into the perfect secure fit.


  • Weight: 248 grams
  • Standards: CPSC, EN1078
  • Construction: In Mold
  • Fit System: Boa
  • Vents: 18


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