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Bern FL-1 Libre Road Bike Helmet - Satin Cyan - SpinWarriors
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Rp. 1.000.000

Bern FL-1 Libre Helmet - Satin Cyan


Looking for a killer road bike helmet? Then strap on the FL-1 (Feather Light One) Libre Helmet Helmet— a high-performance road Bern helmet built to deliver casual bikers insane value without costing all your hard-earned dough. Without compromising style, comfort, and performance, Bern has successfully designed an affordable version of the FL-1 Pave. The Bern FL-1 Libre Helmet delivers maximum ventilation and safety with a minimalistic look. Built with 18 vents, In-Mold design and also Crank-Fit adjustability, the FL-1 Libre keeps you cool and safe while burning pavement, or taking in the fresh mountain air. Life, Libre, and the pursuit of happiness!


Firstly, there’s no hesitation in saying that the Libre provides quality protection for its kind. Specifically, this bike helmet meets CPSC and EN 1078 safety certifications. Thus, making it perfect for those looking to bike recreationally on city roads. So, you can be rest assured that your noggin will be safe on the go. Along with its In-Mold design construction method, the Libre has the current best production technology for making ultra lightweight helmets with a high level of firmness and maximum protection. 


The Libre bicycle helmet is, in short, sleek, lightweight, and simple, perfect for riders who are looking for a dependable helmet.  There’s nothing to worry about when riding on a hot day with the Bern FL-1 Libre Bike Helmet. It has 18 vents that will provide optimal airflow and keep your head feeling breezy. Furthermore, this road bike helmet is built so that you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable wear. It comes with a Compass Fit system, which allows for a perfect fit on your person. Moreover, its Crank-Fit adjustability offers a lightweight dial-fit system that is simple to loosen and tighten up so that it can fit you just right. 

Besides that, the Bern FL-1 Libre Helmet can be personalised to your liking! For instance, it’s Quickmount Light Compatible. You can easily add Bern’s PDW Bike Light that conveniently attaches to the helmet in no time. Similarly, you can add and replace Bern’s ZipMold summer and winter liners on the Libre depending on the season to match your comfort.

Lastly, the FL-1 Libre comes in a variety of colours in our store, including some bold shades of cyan and fuchsia. So, you are sure to find a helmet that fits you and your ride for the day. Inspired by the Bern FL-1 Libre Bike Helmet, it retains features that Bern customers love, along with improvements and technologies to give you the best value. Therefore, this super-light road lid delivers ridiculous comfort, style, and zero buyer regret. Stay out there with the lid that delivers all the FL-1 performance at an amazing flipping deal. You’re welcome!

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  • QUICKMOUNT LIGHT COMPATIBLE - The Quickmount Asteroid is a micro-USB rechargeable bike light. It is easily fastened to the two-hole mount located on the rear of the helmet’s shell.
  • CRANKFIT - Lightweight dial fit system for a fine tuned adjustment.


  • Weight: 248 Grams
  • Standards: CPSC, EN1078
  • Construction: In Mold
  • Fit System: Compass Fit II
  • Vents: 18




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