Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - SpinWarriors
Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - SpinWarriors
Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - SpinWarriors
Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - SpinWarriors
Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - SpinWarriors
Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - SpinWarriors
Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - SpinWarriors
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Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Helmet - Matte Black



Classic urban style – you'll know a Bern Helmet when you see it. A signature versatile look for any of your rides, the new Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Bike Helmet continues to define urban cycling trends. In short, the Brentwood 2.0 comes in 3 shell sizes and has a patented soft visor to protect your face from sun or rain. Utilizing MIPS and Bern’s ZipMold+ technology, this bike helmet is light, protective, and cools your head on a hot day. Like a great-looking pair of jeans, the Brentwood 2.0 never looks out of place, on or off the bike. 


The Bern Brentwood 2.0 urban bicycle helmet expands on the features that made the original Brentwood great. In short, this helmet is equipped with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) and Bern’s ZipMold+ Technology, both assured to keep your noggin safe. 

Accordingly, MIPS Helmets are integrated with a leading protection system designed to reduce rotational impact from accidents. Also, thanks to Bern’s ZipMold+ technology, the Brentwood 2.0 has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than in-mold helmets.

The ZipMold+ technology is the most advanced of construction methods, which offer the lightest and thinnest helmets without compromising any protection. Specifically, ZipMold helmets grant the same level of protection as Thin Shell (EPS) helmets but in a lower profile design. As a result, you are guaranteed to have an effortless look! Specifically, a thin PVC shell is liquid injected with ZipMold foam. This gives a seamless, one-piece construction helmet that sits incredibly low on your head and feels like nothing is there.


To start off, the Brentwood 2.0 helmet comes with outstanding ventilation. Subsequently, you would not have to worry about heat or sweat ruining your adventures! Constructed with 13 air vents, this helmet will supply your head with plenty of airflow on short or long rides. Essentially, it delivers breezy, cooling comfort in the hottest weather. 

Additionally, it utilizes the EZ-Fit system, which is perfect for those looking to avoid fuss with dials and knobs. First, just place the helmet and leave the rest to the EZ band. In fact, this improved fit system from the original version delivers confident and secure wear.

Furthermore, the Brentwood 2.0 city helmet is completed with a removable and washable flippable soft visor. Not only does it gives the helmet the signature Bern look, but it also provides comfortable forehead padding. Besides, the visor is sure to shield your eyes well without impeding your vision.

Talking about variety, Brentwood 2.0 comes in more than 10 different colors at our store! With this large range, you are sure to find the right Brentwood Helmet that goes along with your bike and outfit of the day.

Lastly, you can personalize and add extra details to the Bern Brentwood 2.0! For instance, it is Quickmount Light compatible. So, you can easily add a Bike Light, which immediately attaches to the helmet. In addition to that, you can add a cold-weather bike liner as well. This all-season helmet can follow you anywhere! (You can read more about the QuickMount Light below)

In conclusion, the Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Bike Helmet is an outstanding comeback of its former version. While bringing in new features, it Implements the latest technology available to bicycle helmets today! 

This helmet includes MIPS technology. If you are looking for a Brentwood 2.0 without MIPS, click here

Want to learn more about Bern? Click here to visit their website!



  • ALL SEASON - Pick the model that best fits your style and customize your helmet with our range of seasonal upgrades, such as an additional winter liner.
  • QUICKMOUNT LIGHT COMPATIBLE - The Quickmount Asteroid is a micro-USB rechargeable bike light. Furthermore, it is easily fastened to the two-hole mount located on the rear of the helmet’s shell.
  • EZ-FIT - Like its name, this system is EASY! A no fuss elastic system auto-adjusts to perfectly fit your helmet on to your head every time. Just put it on and ride!
  • MIPS - Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. Designed to protect against rotational violence to the brain caused by rotational impacts.



  • Weight: 345 grams
  • Standards: CPSC, EN1078
  • Construction: Zipmold+
  • Fit System: EZ Fit
  • Vents: 13

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