Silca Sicuro Bourbon Titanium Cage + Straw Kit (Limited Edition)
Silca Sicuro Bourbon Titanium Cage + Straw Kit (Limited Edition)
Silca Sicuro Bourbon Titanium Cage + Straw Kit (Limited Edition)
Rp. 2.800.000

Silca Sicuro Bourbon Titanium Cage + Straw Kit (Limited Edition)

This set is produced in a very limited number and contains two SICURO titanium bottle holders and two titanium straws, which are anodized in the trendy matt bourbon color.

When searching for the ultimate bottle holder, Silca was completely fascinated by titanium as the material. The classic, filigree construction that is possible with this material fits perfectly with the thin tubes of modern steel or titanium frames.

Thanks to the perfectly chosen shape of the holder, the bottle sits securely in place regardless of the mounting position, even on the most difficult trails.

In the test phase it turned out that the screws have at least as much influence on the durability of the bottle holder as the holder itself. The Sicuro Titan bottle holder is delivered with two of Silcas Premium Titan mounting screws. These are made from 6AL / 4V titanium on a Swiss lathe. The flat design of the screw head distributes the load over an area three times as large as the usual oval head screws. This not only reduces the load on the holder, it also increases the rigidity of the attachment.

Each Sicuro TI bottle cage is hand-made at Silca in Indianapolis / Indiana USA. State-of-the-art and precise manufacturing processes are used in order to guarantee consistent quality. After bending the ultra-light titanium tube, the base plate, which has two elongated holes for mounting, and the cage are permanently connected with a laser welder. In the end, each bottle holder is provided with the Silca logo, polished by hand and delivered to you with a 25-year guarantee.

Technical specifications:

  • Material holder / straw: titanium, 3-2.5
  • Material screws: titanium, 6AL / 4V
  • Access: standard (middle)
  • Special feature: Silca " Shield Warrenty "
  • Colors: raw titanium, matt bourbon (anodized)
  • Weight: 29g (1 bottle cage without screws)
  • Weight: 34g (1 bottle cage including screws)

Package include: 2pcs Sicuro Bourbon titanium cages, 2pcs titanium straws (1x straight and 1x curved), 4pcs titanium screws