Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor
Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor
Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor
Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor
Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor
Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor
Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor
Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor
Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor
Rp. 1.400.000

Shanren Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor

BEAT 20 is a wearable continuous monitor free of wires and patches, based on the highest standard technology, , capable of generating a Heart-Rhythm Graph, displays the dynamic heart rate, resting heart rate, 24-hour continuous heart rate, while maintaining maximum comfort as well as super high precision, over threshold warning to reach a physical peak and prevents over training. Offers a practical measure for assessing exercise intensity and daily health management.

The heart rate monitor built into your sports may may not offer the best accuracy — for a number of reasons: optical noise, skin-related inaccuracies, motion noise, sensor location and more.
As heart rate is a key indicator for workout intensity and your health in general, it is very important that you have reliable results. And here’s where the Beat 20 comes in.
Get the most accurate heart rate measurements

The Beat 20 is a wearable heart rate monitor that is completely free of wires and patches, and is capable of generating an electrocardiogram while maintaining maximum comfort and medical accuracy.

Get the most out of your workouts
Exercising at the correct intensity can help you get the most out of your physical training, making sure you're not pushing too hard or too little. Calculate your desired target heart rate zone — the level at which your heart is being exercised and conditioned but not overworked.

Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring
BEAT 20 offers an accurate real-time heart rate measurement, real-time acquisition of the current heart rate state when you are training,displays your current heart rate zone and the real time ratio of your zones and checks your overall data and analysis after exercise.All of those help you understand the effect of your training and help you to fine-tune your intensity in future workouts.

Ameliorable Resting Heart Rate
Your Resting Heart Rate reflects your current and future health. In certain cases, a lower resting heart rate can mean a higher degree of physical fitness. However, a high resting heart rate could be a sign of an increased risk of cardiac problems under vertain circumstances. The Shanren Sport app can be used to check your resting electrocardiogram for reference to your heart health.

24-Hour Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
Follow your heart rate around the clock, automatically and intelligentently. It's a continuous heart rate solution and let you have the full benefits of heart rate monitoring. BEAT20 tracks your heart rate all day and night.

Reusable high-capacity memory storage
The Beat 20 comes with built-in reusable storage memory with the capacity for 100 training sessions. The data recording starts as soon as you put the monitor on.

Early overexertion vibration alert
In order to prevent over-exercise, the Beat 20 will give you a gentle but easily noticeable physical warning that you may be overdoing it. This will be your cue to adjust the intensity of your workout.

Extensive compatibility with other devices
The Shanren Beat 20 uses ANT+ and BLE4.0 Dual Modes Communication, which lets you easily share sports data with your watch, phone, bike computer or other Bluetooth and ANT+ enabled devices.

280-hour working time
The Beat 20 boasts a great battery life — you can use the heart rate monitor for up to 280 hours on a single full-capacity charge.


  • Product Name: BEAT 20
  • Model: SR-HRM20
  • Communication: ANT+/BLE 4.0
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable Li-battery
  • Work Time: 280hrs
  • Strap Length: 65-95cm (25.6-37.4in)
  • Sensor Size: 62x35x11mm
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • App Supports: Shanren Sport & others
  • Compatible with: Shanren Discovery Pro, Raptor II Pro
  • IOS & Android Devices: IOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.3 or later