Tyrell FX Folding Bike (Drop Bar/Shimano 105) - Orange
Rp. 41.000.000

Tyrell FX Folding Bike (Drop Bar/Shimano 105) - Orange


Tyrell FX is Japanese made folding bike, painted by Kadowaki.

A long-awaited folding bike
The FX was born from Tyrell’s DNA, which pioneered new development for mini-velos.
The frame design has a common Tyrell trademark which is the SLANT Design where two narrow inclined pipes are sandwiched to the top tube. At the first glance, it does not look like a folding bike and yet it folds like an origami transforming itself into a compact elegant folding bike. We at Tyrell are not only working towards creating an impressive and attractive silhouette based on the design, but a unique framework for minivelos as we research ways to increase the strength and rigidness of the entire frame, the improvement of the frame geometry by lowering the center of gravity of the top tube and optimizing the dimensions of the wheel base. No doubt this elements can be solved by adopting the Slant Design, we still need to strive to better the folding mechanism and keep on delivering to you new innovation that can shape the future of folding bikes and minivelos. But for now the FX is the fusion between a great foldable bike with performance and lightness.

Detailed Welding Finishing
Main frame is lightweight #7005 Aluminium double butted tubing. Need a truly committed craftsman to ensure smooth welding and detailing.

Frame Unlike Any Other Folding Bike
The key point in the development was to make a strong and beautiful folding bike without having moving parts in the main frame. We would like to create a design that from a glance is known to be a Tyrell by incorporating the Slant Design to the FX.

Innovative Folding Fork
The folding fork adopts a backward folding method. This smart design integrates the foldable function of the fork but at the same time securing the strength of it as well. Distinctive use of aluminium and carbon materials on the fork create a light weight foldable fork that is only 900 g.

Unique Original Parts
We at Tyrell express our commitment to every small detail in the design of our bike such as the Aluminium end cap of the grip which is printed with our original logo.

Powder Coating Paint
Powder coating by Kadowaki Coating (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) creates a beautiful and durable paint finish.

Smart design using superior production technology to eliminate the weaknesses of folding bikes.
It is a new form of 20 inch folding that combines speed, lightness, and compactness

Main features:

  • Lightweight #7005 double butted aluminium tubing
  • Frame design fully compatible with any drive train
  • Innovative hybrid original design of the folding fork (aluminium & carbon)
  • Shimano 105
  • Stylish frame design that does not look like a folding bike
  • High-performance wheels with sealed bearing hub
  • Ultimate welding craftsmanship
  • Powder coating by Kadowaki Coating Company for the perfect paint finish and durability. Custom colours available on request.
  • Supports Di2 components with internal cabling
  • Low center of gravity and long wheel base for stable riding.
  • Extensive optional and spare parts (available for purchase on web store)
  • A wide range of specifications are available according to the style of ride, from handle type shape to drive trains
  • Colour coordination of parts to produce a custom bike is available on request (This request is chargeable)
  • Wheel upgrade possible (chargeable)
  • Stolen recovery support

Folding Fork
A bold design that bends 90 degrees from the base of the fork after pulling out the safety pin and loosening the knob. After folding, reinsert the safety pin to lock it. The high rigid folding fork has also passed the durability test is a proof of Tyrell’s superior design technology.

Speed, Performance and Stability
Due to the low center of gravity and long wheel base, the FX thoroughly eliminates that wobbly ride feeling that is common among small wheel bicycles. On the FX it is possible to have speed, performance and stability in one bike that no other lightweight 20 inch folding bike can offer.

Folding Function
The FX folds in just tens seconds with no tools while ensuring great performance. Folded size is 79 cm in height, 87 cm in length and a width of 35 cm. Surprisingly compact for a bike that has a wheelbase of 1,075 mm.

High Performance Wheels
The AM-6 wheels are lightweight, high-performance with sealed bearing hubs. Its excellent rolling and acceleration performance due to the unique characteristics of 20 inch 406 size can be felt on the AM-6. 


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