Rp. 1,700,000

Santini FS94775INT Interactive Aero Jersey


A race garment for outstanding performances, the INTERACTIVE aero jersey is slim fitting and extremely light with a unique aerodynamic cut – and is designed specifically to be worn with the INTERACTIVE bib-shorts. The frontal panel is constructed from Artico fabric, a lightweight and breathable material, while the back is made of LycraKa, a special micromesh Lycra that ensures elasticity and comfort in the tuck position. An anti-slip elasticated Lycra band at the cuffs enhances the aerodynamic skinsuit effect. One half of a small zip fitted internally to the hem of the jersey connects to its partner at the rear of the INTERACTIVE bib-shorts.


The process of clothing WorldTour riders revolves around trimming and adjusting the construction of a garment to fit as closely to the body as possible. As such, the INTERACTIVE jersey provides the amateur rider with an item that was originally intended to be worn by a pro, specifically a sprinter. In terms of fit and quality, this is what it feels like for a pro.

The project to develop the INTERACTIVE line signalled an important step forward for Santini: this would be a true pro-level concept released into the consumer market. The two-piece skinsuit, pairing jersey and bibs with a concealed zip, was an idea we had been developing for our pro riders for some time. Combined with advanced materials and race-derived wearability, the INTERACTIVE set proved to be light, breathable and very quick.

Notable aspects beyond the obvious addition of the zip include a tapered collar borrowed from our pro-level speedsuit, extra length in the sleeves, and superfine Lycra arm grippers securing the material covering the shoulders in an optimum position for smooth airflow.


  • Internal connecting zipper
  • Makes a skinsuit with INTERACTIVE bib-shorts
  • Anti-sliding Lycra grippers
  • Longer sleeve