Qoleum Qfriction Antifriction "O" - 120gr
Rp. 450.000

Qoleum Qfriction Antifriction "O" - 120gr

Antifriction ointment prevents friction and rubbing from sports kit and equipment. Also facilitates in the prevention of saddle sores, chafing and associated infections, with anti-sweat properties suitable for face use and above eyebrows and prevents blisters on hands.

Application: Apply to affected areas of the body, and/or directly onto chamois of cycling shorts, or apply to skin underneath sports equipment.

Extra Benefits:

  1. Antifriction ointment prevents friction, chafing from the body and rubbing from sports kit and equipment and clothing.
  2. Prevents saddles sores and associated infections.
  3. Anti-sweat: athletes use above eyebrows to stop sweat dripping into there eyes very popular with NZ rugby.
  4. Water based sports used to prevent blisters only small amount needed and will not loose grip.
  5. Can be used on babies with sensitive skin to heal nappy rash.
  6. Prevents bedsores on Hospice/hospital patients.
  7. Works as a barrier on those with skin condition like exema and psoriasis.
  8. Children can use in swimming pool as a protective barrier against the chlorine irritating they skin.
  9. Soldiers use to prevent and heal crotch rot and associated infections.
  10. Prevents blisters on feet while dancing, walking/tramping or wearing heels/new shoes.
  11. Reduces the appearance of skin conditions.
  12. Perfect solution for Linemen especially to prevent irritation, chafing, skin rubbing, underarms, Trapezius, thighs and under equipment.
  13. Soldiers have used to keep Bolt carrier group on M4 lubricated, the action on rifle stayed oiled for longer (keep dust cover closed).