Panaracer Race A EVO3 Tubular Tire (700x26) - SpinWarriors
Panaracer Race A EVO3 Tubular Tire (700x26) - SpinWarriors
Panaracer Race A EVO3 Tubular Tire (700x26) - SpinWarriors
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Panaracer Race A EVO3 Tubular Tire (700x26)


An all-around tubular tire that balances riding performance and durability perfectly to the highest levels. Using our ZSG Dual Compound gives the tire excellent grip at every angle. Our ProTite Belt decreases the chances of a cut or puncture by almost 25% over our previous puncture material. We’ve incorporated our R’Air tube into the tire for superior shock absorption and handling confidence. All of this is wrapped up in our exclusive tubular casing cord.

The Perfect Balance Racing Tire Series
The Panaracer Race series has a well established pedigree for performance, puncture resistance, and durability.

Compound & Protection
Our proprietary ZSG compound offers superior grip no matter what the conditions, hot or cold, wet or dry. ProTite improves on our previous PT protection and does not get in the way of the performance of the tire in any way.

Tread Shape
Our cross-sectional tread shape has been specially designed to match perfectly with the ZSG compound for maximum performance.

Tread Pattern
Special micro-knob machine produces a micro-file (slick) pattern to enhance grip strength or our traditional Mixed Tread pattern improves safety even on uncertain surfaces.

ProTite works to protect you against punctures
By using a special combination of high modulus yarn with proprietary epoxies we’ve developed a material that is over 24% more puncture resistant than our previous PT material.


  • Product Code: EP726RCA-B3
  • Size: 700×26C
  • Bead: Tubular
  • Tread Color: Black
  • Sidewall Color: Black
  • Weight: 290 gr
  • Recommended inflation pressure (psi): 90-140

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