Rp. 600.000

Joseph Kuosac Brompton S Type Flat Handlebar - Black

  • 25.4mm clamp.
  • Ergonomic handlebar with curve in design that match perfectly to your most comfortable grips angle.
  • Allows more clearance folded (curve in toward rider, will curve up when folded), no need for Brompton folding space extension screw for most Brompton types.
  • Much wider default length (600mm with 490mm to 590mm width markers) to cut to your preference (rider's shoulder width).
  • Standard 130mm handlebar grips compatible (for default width).
  • A practical mod for hardcore Bromptoneers asking for most comfortable long ride.
  • No more ergonomic grips needed, you will feel the difference in comfort immediately.
  • Default wider and more manageable steering.