HED Stinger 9 Rear Tubular Road Wheelset
Rp. 19.500.000

HED Stinger 9 Rear Tubular Road Wheelset

Is it possible to have a jack-of-all trades that actually excels at everything? Can something truly work well for almost any situation, athlete, race course, or weather forecast? They said it was impossible, but the Stinger delivers.

Whether you compete in road races, criteriums, time trials, triathlons, or Gran Fondos, the Stinger does it. With wide tubular gluing surface, a depth for every discipline, light weight, and incredible stiffness, there’s nothing a Stinger can’t handle.

If you love tubular wheels and aren’t sure what to choose, let us help you simplify the decision – the search stops here.

  • Weight: 1,070 g
  • Rim depth: 90 mm
  • External rim width: 25 mm
  • Spoke type: Bladed steel