Rp. 1.350.000

Far & Near Shimano Derailleur Tuning Kit - Gold

These derailleur tuning kits from Far and Near are designed to fit Shimano road derailleurs. Included are bolts and hardware for a set of front and rear derailleurs. Each 7075 aluminum component is precisely manufactured to match the derailleur's OE specification so there is no compromise in adjustability or functionality. Unlike color tuning kits from other manufacturers, every piece is anodized in the same batch to ensure perfect color matching.


Compatibility: Shimano Road (Not Compatable with 9000 Dura Ace)

Front Derailleur

  • m5 x 13 mounting bolt and washer
  • m4 x 11 limit screws (2)
  • m5 x 8 pinch bolt and washer

Rear Derailleur

  • m10 x 25 main pivot bolt
  • m5 x 12 reverse thread barrel adjuster
  • m4 x 14 limit screws (2)
  • m4 x 14 B limit screw
  • m5 x 8 cable pinch bolt
  • m6 x 8 7900 cable pinch bolt
  • m5 x 12 pulley mounting bolts (2)
  • Pulley wheels: Cartridge Bearing Pulley Wheels (2)