Crono CR1 Road Shoes - Black
Crono CR1 Road Shoes - Black
Rp. 4.800.000

Crono CR1 Road Shoes - Black

  • New born by the CRONO Research and development office, is characterized by the Boa® IP1-S double way closure with nylon coated steel lace, applied with the innovative MULTI CONTACT system, which adapts to the most different shape of the foot, ensuring the perfect heel position.
  • Made of high quality and light weight microfiber, made even more breathable by the laser made openings; the heel grip is guaranteed also by the application of no-slip lining and the insertion of special reinforcement.
  • Equipped with the new FULL CARBON sole with scale value of 10+ downturn.
  • After months of testing and refinements R&D CRONO developed the innovative MULTI CONTACT SYSTEM, it hallows the traction of the first closure band distributed the power on 2 carriers. This allow the shoe to adapt much better to the shape of the different type of feet and also working with a closing line on the angle of the heel direction, prevents lifting while riding.
  • Sepatu road bike Crono buatan Italia berbahan serat mikro ringan sehingga memberikan sirkulasi udara pada kaki yang lebih baik, memiliki lapisan tumit anti slip dan dilengkapi dengan sol karbon dengan skala nilai 10+
  • Team riset dan pengembangan Crono telah menciptakan sistem multi kontak sehingga membuat sepatu ini bisa beradaptasi lebih baik dengan aneka bentuk kaki dan juga mencegah terlepasnya sepatu saat mengayuh pedal.
  • Memiliki sistem pengunci sepatu bertype Boa IP1-S dengan tali sepatu baja berlapis nilon.